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Mobile Minutes: Verizon and AOL mobile videos; Facebook and voice recognition; Added tech for cars; Mental health apps

January 7, 2015

verizon 185Verizon approaches AOL on potential deal: report
Verizon Communications approached AOL about a potential acquisition or joint venture to expand its mobile-video offerings, Bloomberg reported on Monday, citing people with knowledge of the matter.
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Facebook acquires voice recognition firm
Facebook acquired a company that makes voice recognition technology for wearable devices and Internet- connected appliances, the latest sign of its ambition to extend its reach beyond computers and smartphones.
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Drivers would pay up to $1,499 for added tech, study says
A majority of U.S. drivers are willing to pay as much as $1,499 to have high-tech entertainment and safety devices in their vehicles as consumers demand more connectivity, according to a Harris Poll.
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Can a smartphone tell if you’re depressed?
Where fitness trackers like FitBit record jogging distance and calories burned, newer apps and other tools measure text-message volume, vocal tone and other behaviors to peer into patients’ psychological well-being, which doctors say can have a high correlation with physical health.
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