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WePay integrates Apple Pay, Android Pay into mobile Web shopping

March 17, 2017

WePay users can now use Apple Pay on the mobile Web

WePay users can now use Apple Pay on the mobile Web

WePay is expanding the ways that its customers can make payments on the mobile Web thanks to a new integration with two of the biggest names in the payments industry: Apple Pay and Android Pay.

The partnership will allow WePay customers to use both Apple Pay and Android Pay on the mobile Web, opening up the amount of places where customers can make mobile payments. The move represents WePay’s commitment to expanding the mobile payment industry to include more options for both customers, retailers and payment providers.

“Streamlining the mobile checkout experience is a huge opportunity as more and more people use their mobile devices for anything and everything, including their commerce,” said Bill Clerico, CEO of WePay. “Removing the friction that exists today makes paying on mobile devices easier, delivering real value to our platform partners and the people that use them.”

Mobile Web shopping
A major theme of mobile payments since its inception has been that few have been able to accurately predict exactly where the platform will go.

While many expected in-store mobile payments to explode after being introduced, interest has been more measured at best.

While in-store payments are certainly popular, they have not quite lived up to the expectations set out for them by marketers and brands that placed faith in them.

Apple Pay and Android Pay have both joined WePay

That is not to say that mobile payments have no place, but one area they have seen significant growth in is in mobile shopping.

More and more consumers are using mobile payment options to shop from a Web browser or app instead of using their mobile device to pay in-store.

WePay, a large figure in the payments industry, understands that desire and is catering to it by allowing its customers to use Apple Pay and Android Pay when shopping through the mobile Web.

This partnership gives customers easier access to online shopping through a mobile device by allowing them to use the convenience and ease afforded by Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Both Apple Pay and Android Pay are two of the biggest names in the payments industry, and WePay’s integration with them signifies a major gain for its customers in terms of reach and shopping convenience.

This move represents larger push on behalf of mobile payment providers to expand the contexts in which customers can make payments.

Compare this announcement to one from Visa about a partnership with Stubhub.

Visa Payment Innovation Showcase with Ibtihaj Muhammad
Visa is also furthering mobile payment coverage

Visa is furthering the coverage of its mobile payment platform by partnering with one of the biggest names in ticketing, Stubhub, through the platform’s mobile application (see story).

Additionally, Western Union also began working on improving mobile access to its services for its customers.

Global payment service Western Union is bolstering a commitment to encouraging fund transfers on mobile, concurrent with a partnership with retailer and financial services provider John Lewis (see story).

“Integrating Android Pay and Payment Request API with WePay makes it easier for even more businesses of all sizes to offer their customers a simple, faster mobile web payment experience that drives conversions,” said Spencer Spinnell, director of business development at Google.

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