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Victoria’s Secret marries video, location in interactive mobile commerce-enabled ads

August 10, 2012

Victoria’s Secret is going all out for its new advertising campaign, which incorporates video, social media and location in an effort to drive in-store traffic and sales. 

The mobile video banner ads are running inside the iPhone application. Over the past few months, Victoria’s Secret has run mobile ad campaigns in a variety of apps to promote new products and promotions.

“Victoria’s Secret like other brands have several demographics that they direct their product lines towards,” said Marci Troutman, CEO of SiteMinis, Atlanta.

“[By] testing ads in multiple apps and mobile sites they can gauge the lift of each demographic to ensure they are utilizing the correct advertising angle on each for the correct ROI,” she said.

“Consumers are absolutely ready to take advantage of mobile video.”

Ms. Troutman is not affiliated with Victoria’s Secret or the campaign. She commented based on her expertise on the subject.

Victoria’s Secret did not respond to press inquiries.

Shop on mobile
The mobile banner ads read, “Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria – a body for every body.”

When tapped on, the ads expand t0 a half-page video with a short clip that promotes a new line of Body by Victoria bras.

Below, two buttons let users either take a quiz to find their perfect style or find a nearby store.

The Victoria’s Secret mobile video ad

If consumers click to take a quiz, a landing page is brought up that lets users answer questions about the type of product they are looking for.

From there, they can browse the products from the landing pages, add items to their shopping carts and check-out.

Additionally, users can share their quiz results through Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Users can take a quiz

Multichannel campaign
Victoria’s Secret has run a series of similar mobile ad campaigns in different apps to promote new products and promotions.

Most recently, Victoria’s Secret used both banner and full-page ads to highlight both its Dream Angels and Pink products (see story).

Additionally, the retailer used mobile ads to spread the word about a special price on items earlier this year (see story).

By testing a variety of apps and campaigns,Victoria’s Secret is showing that it is a force to reckon with in the mobile advertising space and is constantly trying new initiatives.

“The most important reason for driving consumers in-store as well as to a mobile-optimized shopping site is to give them an option – there is a mix of consumers that want to research and check pricing or availability on mobile, and then go to the bricks-and-mortar to buy,” Ms. Troutman said.

“This will remain a constant for some time to come with both in-store and mobile shopping needing to work together as a collective to meet consumer demand,” she said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York

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