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Tasty Burger, Fasten partner to drive Boston customers to store locations

June 24, 2016

fastenBoston’s burger joint Tasty Burger is partnering with ride-sharing application Fasten to drive in-store traffic by offering $20 off on rides and a free burger, in a partnership that leans on the complementary aspects of the two businesses.

Tasty Burger and Fasten are literally driving customers into store locations through a special deal that gives them a free burger and $20 off the trip. The two marketers are attempting to get a leg up on the big competitors in the burger business and ride-sharing market by banding together in a push that makes sense, as consumers often look for transportation when visiting restaurants.

“Teaming up with a ride sharing app like Fasten is an easy decision,” said David DuBois, CEO of Tasty Burger. “Fasten brings our customers to us in an efficient and affordable manner, and we reward their riders with one of our delicious, all-natural burgers.”

Fastening mobile moments
Fasten is a relatively new ride-sharing app available in Boston and Austin, TX, but is attempting to gain a leg up on competition such as Uber and Lyft with competitive pricing. The new deal is hoping to spread the word.


Boston-based Fasten users will receive up to $20 discounted from their trips to Tasty Burger, and restaurant customers will receive a free burger. The restaurant is attempting to accomplish a similar goal as Fasten, and expand to other markets as well.

Customers will likely come into Tasty Burger’s locations and take the Fasten app after this. Users may enter the code TASTY in the code area of Fasten’s app to get the discount.


The Fasten app attempts to compete with others in the field by offering significantly lower prices, such as 99 cents per ride.

Ride sharing partners
Fasten and Tasty Burger are not the only ones to get together for a partnership like this. A number of big-name brands have already entered into partnerships with ride-sharing services such as Uber, and more such collaborations are expected to roll out in the future due to the convenience they offer users and the inherent revenue potential for marketers (see more).

Ride-sharing app Uber similarly partnered with StubHub to help users organize all aspects of their night out by enabling them to order a ride after purchasing tickets for an event, all from a smartphone (see more).

“Pairing food with ride-sharing platforms is a mutually beneficial partnership that makes it even easier to access and enjoy our product,” Mr. DuBois said.

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