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Target, Macy’s, Best Buy take weekly circulars to location-based iPhone app

November 26, 2009

shopperappThe Shopper iPhone application has added weekly circulars from more than 100 retailers such as Best Buy, Target and Walgreens.

With the retailer circular aggregation feature, the Shopper application shows consumers nearby stores that have items on their shopping list on sale. Some other stores on the platform are Babies R Us, Bloomingdale’s, CVS, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Macy’s and Kohl’s.

“Our strategy is to help users plan their shopping trips at home and then execute those lists easily in-store,” said Adam Smith, director of business development at ReachEverywhere, New York. “This feature falls into the planning phase – shoppers can view all of the relevant flyer content based on what they intend to purchase, and then make their store choice based on those offers.”

ReachEverywhere developed the Shopper application to help consumers decide where to shop and what to buy.

A mobile shopping assistant
The application can be purchased for $0.99.

To find the deals from local retailers, consumers input their ZIP code and check the product details page for the deals.

The application lets users synch their lists with other consumers, create multiple lists for specific stores or recipes and create new lists based on commonly purchased items.

Consumers can also track their budget by adding the prices and quantities of the item needed.

The application also calculates sales tax.

Mr. Smith said that the application’s target demographic is busy mother’s with families to shop for.

“From the consumer’s point of view, Shopper saves them time and money by searching the local deals for what they are interested in buying,” Mr. Smith said. “No more flipping through stacks of printed circulars or mailers. 

“It’s basically like inputting your entire shopping list into Google and getting back relevant local flyer results for comparison, except Shopper does all the work for you,” he said. “You also don’t have to download each individual retailer’s app since we’ve aggregated the content.”

Mr. Smith said that retailers benefit because the application acts as another distribution outlet for their flyer content and it is also a way to reach shoppers who might not be in their stores or looking at their printed flyers.

While loyal store customers may have already downloaded a retailer’s application, Mr. Smith said that a retailer’s application is not necessarily driving new store customers, but that is where Shopper comes into play.

Currently the application is marketed via word of mouth and reviews in the App Store.

Mr. Smith said that ReachEverywhere’s ad network is launching in December with brand names that cannot be mentioned yet.

“Food and consumer product brands are particularly interested in communicating with users at the new ‘First moment of truth,’ the shopping list, and then following up with the person as they make their purchase decisions in-store,” Mr. Smith said. “Interacting along that entire purchase decision cycle is the real benefit to our brand partners.

“Brands choose shopping categories or shopping list keywords to target, which makes all ad content relevant to the end-user based on what they intend to purchase today,” he said.

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