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Taco Bell taps mobile to drive in-store traffic for new Doritos Cool Ranch tacos

March 11, 2013

Taco Bell is beefing up its mobile efforts with a new initiative that incorporates mobile and helps the fast food giant get the word out about its new items.

The company is running the campaign within Pandora’s iPhone application. Taco Bell has turned to mobile advertising in the past to promote new food items.

“The strategy is to drive mass awareness by integrating into events that are highly relevant to consumers, leveraging second-screen opportunities to connect experiences across devices, and to drive trial by integrating into mobile and desktop navigational services,” said Juliet Corsinita, senior director of media and brand partnerships at Taco Bell, Irvine, CA.

Driving awareness
Taco Bell is running full page, expandable and audio ads within Pandora.

The ads read “That. Just. Happened” and feature an image of the new Doritos Cool Ranch tacos.

From there, consumers are encouraged to tap on the ad and find the nearest Taco Bell location.

When users tap on the ad, they are redirected to Taco Bell’s mobile site where they can enter their ZIP code to find the nearest location.

The campaign is an effective way for Taco Bell to drive traffic to its locations, as well as promote its new product.

“Taco Bell strives to be mobile-first in marketing efforts,” Ms. Corsinita said. “Our target audience is young and on-the-go.

“We want to insert complimentary messaging in moments that matter,” she said.

“Mobile success requires that we surprise and delight our consumers, offer them unexpected experiences as they go about their routine and be top-of-mind as they are making meal or snacking decisions.

Past efforts
Taco Bell is no stranger to mobile.

Last year, the fast food chain expanded its mobile reach with a mobile advertising campaign that encouraged users to learn more about its limited-time-only product (see story).

In July, Taco Bell ran a mobile advertising campaign that highlighted its Cantina Bell menu and encouraged consumers to learn more about it (see story).

Most recently, Taco Bell invited consumers to try its steak burrito via a marketing effort that put mobile at the center (see story).

“It is a top priority as our consumers are already living with a mobile mindset and you will continue to see Taco Bell invest and focus on mobile through a variety of innovative tactics,” Ms. Corsinita said.

Final Take
Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York

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Rimma Kats is associate editor on Mobile Commerce Daily and Mobile Marketer. Reach her at

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