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SurePayroll launches iPhone app for small business owners

December 9, 2009

app_02SurePayroll, an online alternative to ADP and Paychex, has launched a free iPhone application designed for payroll processing anywhere, any time.

The application is targeted to small business owners who have an iPhone or iPod touch. The application was also designed to work in sync with a user’s online SurePayroll account.

“We focus on providing payroll solutions to the busy small business owner who needs flexibility – who can’t be tethered to an office phone or fax machine to submit payroll, like using a traditional payroll service requires,” said Scott Brandt, vice president of marketing for SurePayroll, New York. “We’ve always given our customers the ability to process payroll online when and where they want.

“Providing a mobile app was a natural extension of our mission to provide the most convenient payroll process on the market,” he said.

SurePayroll is an online payroll processor and offers services for managing 401k plans, health insurance, workers’ compensation, human resources compliance and employee screening.

Business on-the-go
Consumers who use SurePayroll will see transactions entered through an iPhone or iPod touch automatically reflected in their SurePayroll account.

Users can calculate wages and deductions for hourly and salaried employees, as well as contractors.

SurePayroll then automatically deposits and files all federal, state and local payroll taxes.

The application also features a payroll calendar that lists payroll deadlines, holidays and compliance updates, payroll reports and direct connection to customer service.

SurePayroll said it is focused on getting the word out to its current customer base.

The application will be marketed via email, search engine marketing and online ad campaigns.

Mr. Brandt said that small business owners wear many hats, and most find themselves managing their businesses at all hours of the day and night and the SurePayroll  application lets them stay connected to their business.

SurePayroll said it went with the iPhone and iPod touch because it has seen extreme growth of Apple products within its customer base.

The application is free to download and does not feature advertisements.

“The SurePayroll Mobile app is a free extension of our core product,” Mr. Brandt said. “We promise our small business customers that we will work tirelessly to continue providing the most convenient payroll process possible.  

“SurePayroll’s customer base has grown exponentially by staying true to that mission,” he said. “Our intention is that this app – along with future payroll apps for other smartphones – will be part of our large toolbox of convenience-enhancing features that has business owners choose us over the competition.”

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One Response to “SurePayroll launches iPhone app for small business owners”

  1. Noel Wiggins Says:

    I recently read reports that apps for iphones are on the rise, and that mindless no brainer apps are all the rage being that people love to indulge in guilty pleasure apps while waiting for a buss or find themselves in a down time.

    Unfortunately I disagree, personally I rarely “indulge” in a guilty pleasure on my iphone, but as a small business owner if I find some down time i’d rather be productive. Which this apps addresses this need, and I hope to see even more of these types of apps created instead of mindless games…

    Thanks and Regards

    Noel for
    a graphic design studio

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