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Stop & Shop helps consumers save time, money with mobile

September 1, 2009

The Modiv Shopper technology saves time and money for consumers

The Modiv Shopper technology saves time and money for consumers

Select Stop & Shop locations are using a different kind of mobile device to save time and money for its shoppers.

Stop & Shop locations in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island are providing shoppers with a Motorola scanner-agnostic device. It lets shoppers scan and bag in the aisle as they shop, with a running total on how much they are spending and saving, plus exclusive offers.

“The benefit to shoppers is they save time and money,” said Mike Grimes, president of Modiv Media, Princeton, MA. “They don’t wait in line and sort of pay and go like a speed pass on the turnpike and they save money via the coupons.”

The Stop & Shop technology was created by Modiv Media, a digital retail media company that orchestrates targeted and relevant promotional messages with improved self-service shopping experiences at exactly the right moment in exactly the right place for today’s shoppers, retailers and brand marketers.

With 40 percent of all shoppers using self-service checkout, Stop & Shop realized that customers want a fast and easy shopping experience.

Here is how it works. Shoppers identify themselves at the self-service kiosk that includes a large display rack with handheld Motorola devices at the front of the store.

One cradle blinks, signifying them to remove the unlocked MC17 handheld. The MC17 was developed and designed with state-of-the art Symbol/Motorola technology.

As customers shop, they select an item, scan its bar code and place the item in their shopping bag.

Customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags as a recycling measure.

Just Scan and buy

Just Scan and buy

As shoppers walk through the aisles, they receive targeted offers and advertisements in real time based on their past, present and anticipated buying choices.

Since Modiv Shopper is zone-based, the information is coordinated and delivered to customers at the time and location they are ready to make a decision.

Modiv Shopper delivers experience-enhancing functionality such as running totals, relevant offers tied to loyalty card shopping history and extra savings.

Shoppers can remove an item by rescanning its bar code.

Because Modiv Shopper integrates with point-of-sales systems, customers use the self-checkout area to scan the “end of order” bar code, which records the full shopping trip.

After paying, the customer quickly leaves with a cart of already-bagged goods and their special savings.

According to Modiv Media, 40 -70 percent of all shopping decisions are made in the store.

And while there is a staggering 40 percent decline in in-store coupon redemption, 88 percent of shoppers would use coupons if they were personally relevant and available in-store.

Shoppers want and receive instant gratification from in-store money-saving offers.

Consumers who use Modiv Shopper have:

• Twice the basket size,
• 16 percent higher store frequency rate and
• 18 percent higher coupon redemption rate than that of general grocery shoppers

Stop & Shop offers and content can be contextualized based on a number of factors, including shopping history, redemption history, in-store location tracking and just-purchased items in aisles.

Consumers can save time and money with self-service scan and bag, running total and fast check-out functionality — all combined with personally relevant savings and offers without manual coupon clipping.

The Modiv Shopper has helped Stop & Shop increase sales and customer loyalty.

“Loyalty is all about CRM and if you are able to communicate these offers to person’s cell phone you are giving them the ability to save time and that’s a great benefit which is great for CRM,” Mr. Grimes said.

“CRM and mobile go hand in hand,” he said.

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