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Smart Transaction Systems, Mocapay partner on mobile marketing and payments

August 19, 2009

Snappy meal

Snappy meal

Smart Transaction Systems has tapped mobile marketing and payments company Mocapay to mobilize STS’ card-based payment systems.

Mocapay’s mobile marketing and payment platform enables real-time mobile payments, promotions and loyalty at the point of sale. Mocapay and STS are launching a mobile gift and loyalty card pilot this year, selecting from STS’ 4,500 retail clients.

“The strategy is to mobilize STS’s existing gift and loyalty card portfolio, allowing consumers to access their gift card funds via their mobile device, transact at the point of sale with those funds, accrue loyalty points during the mobile transaction and also receive highly targeted marketing before, during and after the transaction,” said Lance Gentry, chief marketing officer of Mocapay, Boulder, CO.

Mocapay claims that it allows any issuer to enable any consumer to securely transact at any point of sale with any mobile device using any tender type over any connectivity type. This includes SMS, WAP, downloadable applications and transmission via Near Field Communications.

“Our service is connectivity and handset agnostic, meaning that if your mobile device can send and receive text messages, our service will work on your device,” Mr. Gentry said.

“For a richer experience depending on your device, you can also access Mocapay through WAP2.0 or a downloadable app,” he said.

Mocapay also gives consumers the ability to receive targeted marketing messages from their favorite retailers.

Retailers that use Mocapay’s platform¬†include McDonald’s, Qdoba Mexican Grill, Conoco and¬†Kroger.

With Mocapay’s platform, STS will now offer existing gift card holders the ability to access their gift card funds, transact, generate loyalty points and receive targeted promotions from their favorite retailers using any of the 255 million-plus mobile phones nationwide.

The STS mobilized gift and loyalty program powered by Mocapay will be the first mobile gift card nationwide that has transaction capability at the point of sale.

Merchants who provide Mocapay-mobilized gift cards to their customers will be able to market to them in three ways.

Merchants are able to push targeted SMS campaigns to their customers on an opt-in basis before the transaction.

During the transaction, when customers request a Mocapay code to complete a purchase, along with that Mocapay code, the customer will also receive targeted advertising.

Each transaction generates an mReceipt, which provides an additional opportunity to advertise after the transaction.

Ad inventory is available first to the applicable merchant and then to ad servers outside the Mocapay merchant network only during and after the transaction, not before.

“The brands that advertise on our platform will either be the actual merchant where the customer is transacting via Mocapay or, if the inventory is available and an ad is served up from an outside source, the brands who advertise with us will depend on the retail vertical, time of day and other factors, when that transaction is taking place, in order to guarantee campaign success,” Mr. Gentry said.

“Marketing these mobile card products will happen in conjunction with the merchant, at their point of sale, online and through a number of other channels depending on that specific merchant,” he said.

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