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Simply Wireless taps into mobile marketing

August 18, 2009

simplywRetailer Simply Wireless  is partnering with mobile marketing software company 2ergo Americas Inc. to create integrated SMS campaigns and mobile Web sites.

The goal of the agreement is to help Simply Wireless acquire new customers and retain existing ones. This is the first time that Simply Wireless will use text messaging and mobile Internet sites as marketing tools.

“It’s a really fantastic partnership for both companies,” said Guy Vidra, president of 2ergo Americas, Arlington, VA. “Simply Wireless has used many types of marketing initiatives to reach out to its existing customers and pitch products and services, but one tool they hadn’t used was mobile.

“We sat down with Simply Wireless and it became clear that the Via and Swift tools would potentially be impactful on its bottom line and help maximize the lifetime value of each one of its subscribers,” he said.

Until recently, 2ergo Americas was known as Proteus (see story).

Simply Wireless is licensing two of 2ergo’s professional-grade, self-service products to assist in the creation of its mobile marketing initiatives.

Marketing software program Via allows the company to quickly set up targeted SMS campaigns.

Another software being used called Swift, gives Simply Wireless the ability to easily create mobile Web pages in support of its marketing initiatives. Both products provide extensive tracking and reporting capabilities.

2ergo can track what messages have been sent, what percentage of messages have arrived and the time they were received, the carrier, mobile browser and type of handset, clicks, click-throughs and the amount of time spent on the mobile Internet sight.

Simply Wireless will use 2ergo’s mobile products to engage its existing customer base to up-sell products and services and connect with new consumers in a cost-effective and impactful way.

“By using a combination of those two products, Simply Wireless can communicate with its customers in a timely, targeted fashion to deliver specific marketing messages,” Mr. Vidra said. “For example, when a contract is about to expire, the company can deliver SMS messages using  the Via tool telling consumers to call this rep or visit this location and receive a discount on your next handset.”

Specific campaigns will include opt-in SMS reminder alerts within a month of a customer’s contract renewal date and targeted promotions for a new device or plan.

The SMS messages will provide a link to a mobile Internet site for more information, video content, details on the nearest Simply Wireless retail outlet and a phone number to reach customer service.

Simply Wireless has discussed preloading mobile phones with its mobile Internet homepage using 2ergo’s Swift.

Simply Wireless plans to grow a new base of potential customers by advertising the short code SIMPLY through traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and in-store banners.

Consumers will be prompted to text in the keyword to sign up for promotions and coupons from Simply Wireless.

Simply Wireless is a provider of wireless technology for consumers and businesses offering Alltel, Cellular One, Sprint, Suncom and T-Mobile as carrier choices.

The first phase of the mobile marketing campaign launched on July 25 and targeted T-Mobile subscribers.

The company has a presence in more than 100 retail stores, online via various affiliate sites, on the Home Shopping Network and via an indirect sales force.

Simply Wireless has retail stores in Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

“For Simply Wireless, this is a new means of reaching out to its customers and communicate something that is very relevant to them delivered in an extremely efficient, easy-to-use fashion,” Mr. Vidra said. “We’re doing our best with Simply Wireless and we’re looking to roll this out with other partners.

“For us, it’s the first foray here in the U.S. working with wireless retailers and it’s definitely not going to be the last,” he said. “There are lots of opportunities to leverage the mobile platform to reach wireless subscribers on a large scale.”

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