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Scanbuy partners with Avery Dennison to mobilize retail tags

August 24, 2009

averyScanbuy has partnered with Avery Dennison, a provider of ticket/label solutions for the apparel industry. EZcodes will now be placed on retail tags that can immediately connect to mobile content like photos of complimentary items, sales offers from retailers and promotions. 

The mobile phone will now act as a virtual shopping assistant for the consumer when they need information most – in the store. This integrated service could potentially place EZcodes on millions of items around the world and it would significantly aid in the adoption of the technology. 

“This solution will give consumers really helpful information relating to very specific products during the shopping experience,” said John Bulkeley, CEO of Scanbuy, Framingham, MA. “For example, if you’re looking at a specific dress, you could scan the code and see how it looks on someone from different angles, or see which celebrities are wearing the label, or get ideas on what shoes go best. 

“You could also send or share this information with friends to get their opinion, or pass along a recommendation,” he said.   

EZcodes were specifically chosen because they can be printed at smaller sizes (1/2” square) which is critical for the world of labels.

The solution can be used in a number of ways, like giving sales suggestions for accessories or compatible items.

“For a merchandiser, this offers a huge opportunity to deliver more information on a product when they need it most – during the shopping experience,” Mr. Bulkeley said. “The retailer benefits are enormous as it allows them to send relevant information to the user like cross promotion offers, discounts, recommendations and more. 

“This could generate incremental revenue for the retailer in ways that are extremely targeted to the individual,” he said.

For example, scanning a 2D barcode on a red dress can give the shopper images of a model wearing the dress, along with matching shoes, handbag and scarf that are available in the store.

Or a shopper looking for camping gear could scan a 2D barcode on a tent and receive images of a lantern, cooking grill or fishing gear that may be available as part of a cross-promotion.

If an item was available on sale, a retailer could then deliver an electronic coupon for redemption at the point-of-sale.

Commercial pilots of the mobile merchandising will be launched later this year with major retailers and apparel manufacturers.

“This solution gives the shopper immediate access to digital information which they really never had before,” Mr. Bulkeley said. “Many times, brick and mortar shopping decisions are delayed because the consumer has a need for information which is often times not available in the store – now it is.

“It also gives apparel makers and retailers endless ways of engaging with an interested shopper,” he said. “The content can be customized and changed by time of day, user demographics or shopping habits, and even location. 

“There is really no other solution today that can provide this kind of custom content from an actual item in the store.”

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