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Rearden Commerce launches B2B mobile personal assistant app

March 1, 2010

rsz_home-screenRearden Commerce has launched a mobile personal assistant application, packing the functionality of several applications into one.

Consumers can check on their flights, see weather forecasts and make dinner reservations with the new application. Mobile personal assistant is available for all Rearden Commerce corporate clients, but not all of them have adopted it.

“Our strategy behind the Mobile Personal Assistant is simple, to deliver an application that makes our clients’ travelers more efficient and productive while on the road,” said Tony D’Astolfo, vice president of worldwide sales at Rearden Commerce, New York.

“We want to be the go-to travel technology provider for companies looking to reduce costs and contribute to the productivity of their traveling associates,” he said.

“Our mobile application is a critical element to the entire platform we’ve built.”

Rearden Commerce develops services that help improve education and the experience of students and learners.

The company claims that 68 percent of its top business travelers have already downloaded the mobile application.

Here is a screen grab of the application:


Personal assistant
The mobile personal assistant features several applications that are packed into one personalized interface. When employees are on the go, all of the information they need to access can be found in the application.

Additionally, a user’s personal preferences can include existing itineraries or maps and reviews, which can provide them with significant information to help make decisions when they are on the go.

“All 6000 of our corporate customers have access to the iPhone App. Some of those companies include: Siemens, ConAgra, GSK, Gore, PetSmart, and Blackboard Inc.,” Mr. D’Astolfo said.

This is not Rearden Commerce’s first foray into mobile. The company launched the first version of the mobile personal assistant for the BlackBerry in 2008. The company is currently looking at releasing a mobile version of the application, which will be compatible with Android, Nokia, Windows and the Palm platforms.

With the application, the company is hoping to bring its online functionality to the smartphone.

Consumers who use the application, are charged a per user, per month fee.

Here is another screen grab of the application:


On-the-go ease
The online and mobile solutions incorporate corporate and personal preferences, pull together content from 160,000 providers and supply employees with efficient travel information to assist them when they are on the go.

Rearden Commerce has a team of people that are solely focused on the mobile technology and development of the company. They are looking to expand to additional operating systems and add functions to the application.

The company claims that there will also be more transactional features available on the application in the near future.

“We will be promoting adoption of the application within our online enterprise application,” Mr D’Astolfo said.

“After users book travel, they will automatically be given the option to download the application, so they can receive all their travel details while on the road,” he said.

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