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Puma’s Tretorn enters mobile commerce to boost bottom line

March 2, 2011

Tretorn taps Kalio and FillTek

Puma AG’s footwear brand Tretorn has launched a mobile commerce site to let consumers shop for its boots, shoes and other products on Web-enabled mobile devices.

The new mobile site includes the same deals and many of the same features as the main PC Web site, including the ability to rate products, comment on merchandise, search through the brand’s inventory and make purchases. The mobile site at is powered by ecommerce software provider Kalio Inc. and developer Fulfillment Technologies LLC, known as FillTek.

“It was important for Tretorn to launch a mobile commercial site and incorporate mobile as a channel for search, online advertising and our cost-per-action campaigns,” said Loris Spadaccini, Boston-based general manager for North America at Tretorn. “Partnering with Kalio was a natural move since our primary site runs on their platform.

“The great advantage is that both sites are completely integrated, so customers will see very little difference between the two,” he said. “The mobile site incorporates the same product assortment and offers the same features as the primary site.”

Tretorn, a subsidiary of Puma AG, is a Swedish heritage label specializing in performance and leisure footwear, including sneakers, rubber boots for hunting, hiking, safety/occupational, casual wear and performance riding, as well as apparel and tennis balls.

Tretorn site is reborn 
Mr. Spadaccini said that mobile is happening fast and it is happening now. He said it was very important for Tretorn to launch a mobile commercial site and incorporate mobile as channel for search, online advertising and campaigns.

The brand wants to offer its consumers the same shopping experience they can get on on their mobile devices, per Mr. Spadaccini.

Tretorn consumers are 30-something-year-old men and women who live in a metropolitan area.

“They are always in search of information—they are interested in everything from design, to the state of the world, to recipes,” Mr. Spadaccini said. “They have an affinity and appreciation for beautifully designed and well-built things.

“We strongly feel our consumers are technology-savvy,” he said. “With the launch of our mobile site, we are exploring different ways to reach out to our target demographic.

“At the same time, we want to ensure our customer has easy access to our products through a media that is becoming very popular and a technology that is part of their daily life.”

Tretorn’s mobile site launched as consumers are increasingly turning to mobile devices to shop.

Overall, mobile Internet access is expected to outstrip traditional land-based Internet access by 2014, and mobile commerce is predicted to double in 2011 alone to $4.4 billion – and that figure is expected to reach $23.8 billion by 2014, according to the Coda Research Consultancy.

Since mobile shopping will increase dramatically during the next few years, Tretorn is currently devising a marketing strategy to address the need to promote its mobile site.

The brand will incorporate some traditional media in the plan, but it is looking to deploy less conventional tactics to promote the brand.

Tretorn’s system is all tied into the main site and its backend programming through the Kalio Commerce application.

Kalio is tying into existing infrastructure and merchandising data and payment systems – they are all hosted and tied together, so Tretorn’s mobile site can accept all the major credit cards immediately.

The mobile site does not store credit card numbers, but KalioMobile does enable returning customers to access their stored primary billing and shipping addresses, as well as an address book and other preferences through its tie-in with KalioCommerce.

“Mobile really ties into the existing lifestyle and young, hip demographic that Tretorn is trying to reach, and that’s why they were the perfect launch customer for us,” said Larry Kavanagh, our founder and CEO of Kalio, Cupertino, CA. “And our mobile application, since it mimics the main site, really optimizes that experience of cool shopping on the mobile device, which is becoming the shopping channel of choice for this demographic.

“The Tretorn launch and KalioMobile show one of our biggest competitive advantages,” he said. “If you are already hosted with us, you only need to set up your online merchandising once and with very little effort it also creates an optimized mobile site.

“And any changes you make to the main site immediately update the mobile site as well.”

Kalio’s new platform extension lets clients such as Tretorn launch a mobile commerce site without needing to create separate Web platforms, sites or servers—the new Kalio-powered mobile site ties directly into existing databases.

The new KalioMobile extension lets clients customize versions for Apple’s iPhone, Android-powered smartphones and tablets, and eventually for other mobile phones and devices.

FillTek partnered with Kalio on Tretorn’s mobile site, as the partners see this as an excellent opportunity to move Tretorn into a new sales channel.

“The mobile market will continue to grow at an explosive rate in the future, and Kalio and FillTek will continue to work with clients in this new channel,” said Dave Eckley, president of FillTek, West Chester, OH.

“As Tretorn’s end-to-end ecommerce service provider, FillTek provides imaging, content and site management, customer care and fulfillment and with our integration with Kalio, we provide leading-edge ecommerce technologies,” he said.

“Tretorn’s new mobile site is integrated to our multi channel solution such that mobile orders flow into our order management system and our processed in the same timely and accurate manner Tretorn customers have come to expect.”

Final Take
Tretorn also sells its wares via

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