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Pull strategy for mobile coupons works better than push: 8coupons

April 20, 2010

mobile-couponsAccording to location-based mobile coupon provider 8coupons, 85 percent of consumers regularly spend money within a five-mile radius of where they live, work and play.

8coupons has data that can anonymously track where users are and what they are searching for, such as lunch specials and other keywords. 8coupons aggregates deals from multiple sources including the merchants themselves, who can either share the details about their current sales and happy hour specials or create mobile coupon campaigns.

“Local retailers should invest resources into better understanding how their products and services fit into their customer’s spending pattern,” said Landy Ung, cofounder/CEO of 8coupons, New York.

“The new findings suggest that it’s now just as important to not only know who your customers are, but where they are, and where they are coming from,” he said.

8coupons has found that location allows businesses to maximize their marketing budget on the right mediums/channels, and even adjust their product offerings to further maximize sales and revenue.

The example below, maps out one year’s data compiled by tracking all the users in ZIP code 10003 (East Village, Manhattan).

The map is a visual interpretation of the average consumer deal search pattern in New York City.

The five-mile radius represents a similar data analysis extracted to obtain the average consumer deal search pattern within the United States.


8coupons said that consumers search for deals such as “lunch specials” or “dry cleaning coupons” and other activities that correlate to whether they are at home, the office or going out for happy hour.

The data also shows that consumers will travel further for “special occasions” or otherwise categorized within as “entertainment deals.”

“Pull strategy,” Ms. Ung said. “Not push.

“Let the consumers come to you and request deals,” she said. “The ‘push’ mobile coupon method will not work.”

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