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Price Cutter woos shoppers with mobile coupons

September 2, 2009

Price Cutter is using mobile to offer shoppers more convenience through coupons on the go and voice-recognition customer assistance.

Price Cutter tapped Aisle 411 to provide consumers with coupons and help them find products on store shelves. The voice-recognition product location can be used by calling 1-877-AISLE411 toll-free. 

“The strategy is to use the power of mobile to offer shoppers a new level of customer service that will make shopping at Price Cutter more convenient,” said Nathan Pettyjohn, CEO of Aisle411 Inc., St. Louis. “By using mobile to offer a customer service tool, Aisle411 and Price Cutter hope to gain the trust of consumers and thereby offer relevant promotional offers in the form of audio messages and mobile coupons.”

Shoppers who call, state their location and the store, ask for the item and then receive the location of the product via an audio message and by text within seconds.

Aisle411 Inc. is a mobile marketing technology company with services that allows shoppers to find product locations in stores quickly by using just their mobile phones.

Price Cutter is a Springfield, MI based super market with stores under various banners including Ramey, Price Cutter, Price Cutter Plus and Smitty. The supermarket is currently offering another SMS alert program using another service provider at two different Price Cutter locations.

“It is our expectation that the mobile coupons offered through Aisle411 are at the peak of the purchasing cycle within the store, and we expect to see high redemption rates based on the timing of the SMS coupon delivery – within minutes or even seconds of a purchase,” Mr. Pettyjohn said.

“With SMS, we’re also looking at bridging the gap between the more sophisticated phones that play video, by offering Web links that can display product demonstration videos or reviews for customers while they’re in store.

“Price Cutter kicked off their campaign with a $5 off $50 purchase coupon, valid on the day the consumer requests the mobile coupon,” he said.

At Price Cutter consumers can go through a grocery list, requesting multiple items one-at-a-time and then say “text me.” Aisle411 sends the customer a text message with a list of all items they request, organized by aisle location.

Along with the item locations, Price Cutter sends its top three in-store specials as a text message reminder to the customer.

Mr. Pettyjohn and Aisle411 are using in-store marketing and out-of-store marketing.

“In-store includes ceiling danglers, shelf talkers and floor stands,” Mr. Pettyjohn said. “We’re also initiating both social and viral campaigns within the coming weeks to encourage use and additional demand for Aisle411. Out of store planned marketing includes email, direct mail and other potential mobile campaigns.”

The Aisle411 services debuted at the Ace Hardware in Des Peres, MO (see story).

Mr. Pettyjohn said Aisle411’s research shows its platform targets the time-sensitive shopper.

“We find significant levels of these types of people in virtually all ages,” he said. “Based on national consumer research, we expect women ages 31-40 to be the prime users of Aisle411.”

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