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Poggled offers mobile deals to entice Chicago’s nightlife connoisseurs

March 11, 2011

Poggled, a Chicago-based Internet company, is offering cocktail and beer discounts to customers of bars and nightclubs around the city via an iPhone application.

The application lets consumers buy deals and use them at their favorite hangout spots. The application is available for free download in Apple’s App Store.

“As nightlife connoisseurs, we saw an opportunity to leverage the power of collective buying to drive down the prices of drinks at bars and nightclubs in Chicago,” said Sean Strother, cofounder of Poggled, Chicago. “The combination of the high markup on alcohol and the competitiveness of the industry allowed for Poggled to emerge as a vehicle for bars to drive business.

“Every bar has off nights and off hours, and Poggled offers subscribers unbeatable deals during those times,” he said. “However, we do not limit our deals to off hours, we feature just as many deals for Friday and Saturday night as we do for Monday and Tuesday night.

“The sheer size and variety of the nightlife industry can be overwhelming. With so many different types of venues Chicago, it can be a pain to plan a night on the town. Poggled takes pain out of the process.”

Poggled sells discounted deals to bars and nightclubs that aren’t available anywhere else including at the door.

Mobile deals
Users can see available deals and browse by neighborhood, day of the week, deal category such as club night, live music, sports viewing and by bar name.

Currently the application is only available in Chicago, but the company is looking at expanding.

Poggled rolled out the application to give its subscribers the ultimate nightlife tool.

“It became very apparent that bar-goers do not like to make plans in advance,” Mr. Strother said. “Before our iPhone app was released, our subscribers had to pre-plan and pre-purchase our deals.

“The mobile platform made perfect sense,” he said. “With our iPhone app, subscribers can now purchase deals on the go and purchase deals based on their location.

“Most people go to multiple bars on any given night out and predicament people find themselves in is where to go next and the GPS feature of the app solves this problem by locating the nearest deals.”

Mobile expansion
Poggled is looking to expand the application to the Android platform in the near future.

In addition, the company is advertising on many mobile networks to drive downloads of the application.

“We see the mobile platform as the future of Poggled,” Mr. Strother said. “The convenience of locating, purchasing, and redeeming our deals on a mobile phone caters to the needs of nightlife goers.

“Nightlife is inherently social, and future iterations of our app will integrate the necessary features for user communication within the application environment,” he said.

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