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Perrine’s Wine deploys mobile-enabled POS system to improve customer service

April 27, 2011

Meet the customers on the shop floor with mobile POS

Perrine’s Wine has deployed a mobile-enabled point-of-sale system in the shop to improve the customer service experience.

Using LightSpeed Mobile, staff can tour the store assembling a case of wine, scanning and adding items to the order as the customer shops. Then, after completing the transaction, staff can use the system to process the credit card payment and email the invoice, all without visiting the cash register.

“The mobile phone is very practical,” said Perrine Prieur, founder and owner of Perrine’s Wine, Atlanta. “My shop is 1,000 square feet so it is not very big, but there are more than 350 wines.

“When I do a tasting with a customer, I can actually scan each bottle, and I don’t have to take a bottle from a case and go back to the register and back again, I can scan from wherever I am and the customer can check out.

“It’s practical, it’s cool and it is just easier.”

Perrine’s Wine shop has handpicked décor, furniture and other fixtures to give visitors a taste of the owner’s Burgundy, France homeland.

The setting, in contrast with its retail technology, provides customers with a unique shopping experience.

Perrine’s Wine shop in Atlanta

Customer relationship management
Ms. Prieur said that the one-to-one interaction ensures that customers have the most personally-tailored shopping experience possible. It also builds a relationship with the shop’s customer base, allowing the creation and maintenance of personal profiles for each customer based on their previous purchases.

Customer service is further enhanced through personalized emails that are sent to past shoppers and include special notes on the wines they buy, with plans to eventually include wine pairing.

LightSpeed allows the store to be more efficient. It is economical and makes business easier, per Ms. Prieur.

Improving customer service

“Upgrading to the mobile system was very easy,” Ms. Prieur said. “It only took 30 minutes to set up.

“The cost is not that much when you think about how much faster you can work,” she said. “I only have one POS, one salesperson and myself – we can both work and check out customers at the same time.

“It makes my life easier, and you can check out more people at once. It’s cool, customers like it, they tell their friends, and they are pretty impressed with it.”

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