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Papa John’s Kindle Fire app takes device’s capabilities beyond content consumption

February 3, 2012

Recognizing the role that the Kindle Fire will play in the lives of consumers, Papa John’s has launched an application for the Amazon device in hopes of providing customers a means to place orders regardless of which platform they are on.

Mobile Commerce Daily deputy managing editor Giselle Tsirulnik interviewed Jim McDonnell, senior manager of digital media and emerging channels at Papa John’s International Inc., Louisville, KY, regarding the strategy behind the new Kindle Fire app.

Here is what he said.

What is the general purpose of this app?
Just like our other native applications and mobile sites, Papa John’s focus remains on providing our customers better ordering channels no matter where they are or what platform they are on.

What is the strategy behind this app?
We believe the Kindle Fire is a great device! As that audience looks to do more with the Fire, shopping (ecommerce) is a logical part of the progression.

As people become accustomed to picking up their Fire to check email and weather, and post on Facebook and Twitter, we want to provide them the opportunity to order something to eat as well.

Besides, nothing goes better with a good book than a hot fresh pizza!

How is this app unique?
The app is very similar to our app in the Android Market, but without the GPS integration, since the Kindle is not location aware.

What really makes it unique, thus far, is that it appears to be one of the earliest non-Amazon commerce apps, helping to extend the capabilities of the device beyond content consumption.

Why develop specifically for the Kindle Fire platform? What opportunities do you see with Kindle Fire?
We saw the explosive adoption of the Kindle Fire as a clear indication that it was going to be a major user platform.

We felt that creating an app optimized for the Fire and the Amazon Appstore was important to extending the success of our Android Market app.

Why should marketers be eyeing this platform?
Papa John’s always seeks to serve our customers where ever they may be and to interact with them as they would prefer. The Fire is a wonderful device with a rapidly growing user base.

Has the app seen a lot of uptake since launch?
It has only been available on the Kindle since Wednesday, the 25th, but we feel confident it will be well received by avid readers and pizza lovers.

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