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Today’s headlines

Multichannel retail support How retailers’ mobile shipping options can diminish Amazon’s looming shadow
While Amazon’s Prime Now delivery service remains a top threat to retailers this holiday season, the key to maintaining sales stems from offering a multitude of shipping options on mobile applications and sites so that consumers can select the method best suited to their needs. Entire article
Research Mobile payment data breaches to grow in the next 12 months: report
A survey of cybersecurity experts reveals that 87 percent expect mobile payments data breaches will grow over the next 12 months, while 26 percent point to the use of public Wi-Fi as the top vulnerability. Entire article
Applications Fandango shores up mobile ticketing leadership in Latin America
NBCUniversal’s Fandango is expanding its digital presence and bringing one of Brazil’s largest online movie ticketing services to its mobile application to gain greater traction within the Latin America film market. Entire article
Strategy Design Hotels showcases mobile’s upselling power via check-in upgrades
Design Hotels is the latest hospitality marketer to leverage mobile’s ability to upsell hotel stays via room upgrade and amenities offers shown to customers who check-in via their smartphones. Entire article
Content Mobile Minutes: IPhone 6S debuts; Sprint vs. T-Mobile; Google’s antitrust woes; BlackBerry’s Android phone
Today in mobile marketing – IPhone 6S global launch undeterred by Pope’s visit or bad weather; Sprint, T-Mobile escalate war for new iPhone customers; Google said to be under U.S. antitrust scrutiny over Android; BlackBerry to launch Android smartphone. Entire article
Marketing Heyday for hashtags has passed for marketers – Mobile Marketer
Mobile Marketer today – Heyday for hashtags has passed for marketers; Apple Music attracts new advertising dollars to streaming music: report. Entire article
Advertising Bally underscores craft during Milan Fashion Week via Periscope – Luxury Daily
Luxury Daily today – Bally underscores craft during Milan Fashion Week via Periscope; How should luxury retailers prepare for Golden Week? Entire article
Columns What are retained versus acquired app users really worth?
The cost of gaining app users reached an all-time-high in March, when Fiksu’s Cost Per Loyal User Index data showed that the cost of acquiring a single loyal iOS app user surpassed the $3 mark, a 113 percent rise over the previous year. Entire article
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