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Today’s headlines

Payments Isis delays mobile wallet launch as non-NFC options grow
7-Eleven is running a mobile campaign within the Flixster iPhone, iPad and Android application that features a custom integration and encourages in-store foot traffic. Entire article
Webinars Webinar on Sept. 20: Behind the Geofences: Research insights from Kiehl’s and other location-based mobile marketing campaigns
Context is everything when it comes to developing mobile applications and sites. Here is how two of the biggest airline brands are taking a user-first approach with their apps and mobile Web sites. Entire article
Website development Bluestem Brands triggers mcommerce sales via optimized site
Mobile Marketer today – Are Facebook’s problems with HTML5 an anomaly?; CNN strengthens mobile experience with new iPhone 5 app. Entire article
Advertising Tiffany targets affluent New Yorkers via geo-targeted mobile banner ads – Luxury Daily
Click here to gain access to full coverage of the Mobile Marketing Summit: Holiday Focus 2012 conference that was organized by Mobile Marketer on Sept. 13. Entire article
Content Pictures from Mobile Marketer’s Mobile Marketing Summit: Holiday Focus 2012
With the emergence of new MMS-based platforms, we need to be embracing the technology as the best choice for direct messaging in the mobile space. Entire article
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