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Mobile search correlates to higher purchase conversion rate, says Amazon exec

NEW YORK – Customers who search for products on mobile are 57 percent more likely to visit a store and 51 percent more likely to make a purchase, suggesting that understanding mobile shopping and search behavior is more important than ever, according to an Amazon executive.

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On-the-Go Ordering our biggest operational change since drive-thru: Dunkin’ Donuts exec

NEW YORK — An executive from Dunkin’ Donuts enumerated twelve “innovation insights” for an audience at Mobile FirstLook 2017, many of which were centered around the reduction of consumer friction, labeled as one of the top bulwarks for food-and-beverage consumers.

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Vitamin Shoppe slowly but surely making mobile a priority

NEW YORK – With a new mobile application on the horizon, Vitamin Shoppe is in the middle of a slow but steady modernization effort to bring real mobile value to its customers.

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Mobile Minutes: Government social media; Women’s March start-up; Samsung heir prosecuted; Brexit affects apps

Today in mobile marketing – Governments suck at social media, but you deserve some blame; Women’s March gives boost to start-up for bus sharing; Prosecutor makes case today for putting Samsung heir in jail; Brexit hangover results in higher prices for Apple apps.

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In an age of democratized content, consumers still expect the unexpected: Hershey’s exec – Mobile Marketer

Mobile Marketer today - In an age of democratized content, consumers still expect the unexpected: Hershey’s exec; Before mobile emphasis, underinvestment in tech led to bleak growth prospects: PetSmart exec.

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New luxury lies in untapped markets, business models and mindsets – Luxury Daily

Luxury Daily today - New luxury lies in untapped markets, business models and mindsets; Bricks-and-mortar traditions need to break to cater to digital-first consumers: Microsoft.

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5 tips for managing complex mobile marketing assets

Gone are the days of linear mobile campaigns. Now, content, media and mobile marketing assets must be optimized and personalized with precision to generate the best engagement and results.

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