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Today’s headlines

Content Adidas, Kohl’s mobile commerce campaign racks up 13,000 sweepstakes entries
Registration is open for the 2nd annual Mobile FirstLook: Strategy 2013 conference Thursday, Jan. 17 with speakers from Coca-Cola, Sephora, Nissan, Citi, NHL, Museum of Modern Art, JetBlue and MillerCoors. Must for brands, retailers, agencies and publishers. Entire article
Payments MasterCard, ING bridge desktop, mobile commerce via new payment service
NEW YORK – A Kiip executive at the ad:tech 2012 conference said that while Apple’s Passbook is a great way for consumers to compile digital coupons, there is still a lack of adoption, specifically from retailers who have yet to implement compatible POS redemption systems. Entire article
Content California Pizza Kitchen drives digital gift card sales via mobile site
Mobile Marketer today – Are low CPCs the new normal for mobile advertising?; Mobile Web speeds up TV’s second-screen adoption. Entire article
Advertising InterContinental Hotels ups culinary experience via mobile program – Luxury Daily
While neither the Romney or Obama campaigns discussed how much of the roughly $159 million spent in online advertising was allocated to mobile, they both disclosed their involvement in advertising on mobile phones and tablets. Entire article
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