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Research Subscription box services dominated by mobile-savvy shoppers: report
Subscription box services are now mobile-dominant, with 53 percent of traffic coming from smartphones and tablets, pointing to how merchants such as Sephora and Starbucks are appealing to tech-savvy shoppers, according to a new study from Hitwise. Entire article
Marketing Announcing Mcommerce Summit 2016 New York May 5
Register now for the nation’s No. 1 conference focused on how retailers are tapping mobile for driving on-device and in-store transactions and how mobile commerce will immensely influence consumer shopping decisions in 2016. Hear speakers from Walmart, Walgreens, IKEA, Staples, Google and Boston Retail Partners share mcommerce strategy and best practice. Entire article
Software and technology Cargo Cosmetics brings augmented reality product trial to mobile browsers
Cargo Cosmetics is enabling beauty enthusiasts to virtually try on makeup by implementing FaceCake Marketing Technologies’ augmented reality platform into its mobile and desktop browsers, eliminating the need to download yet another standalone application. Entire article
Webinars Webinar on March 30: Why mobile is the answer to a connected customer experience
How can retailers improve customer conversion by leveraging all channels in unison, with mobile as the linchpin? Find out how apparel and accessories retailer Steven Alan did it. Join Dawn Trenson from Steven Alan and Phil Granof from NewStore for this hour-long, free webinar on Thursday, March 30 at 2 p.m. where they will discuss mobile’s role in the connected in-store experience. Entire article
Multichannel retail support El Rancho Market drives sales with white label mobile self-checkout
El Rancho Market and California Fresh Market are leveraging a mobile self-checkout application they can brand as their own for a streamlined, loyalty-building in-store experience. Entire article
Content Mobile Minutes: Samsung reconsiders Milk Music; Apple’s e-book defeat; VR/AR funding leaps; Data revolution arrives
Today in mobile marketing – Samsung likely to shutter Milk Music service (exclusive); How Apple and big publishers pushed e-books toward failure; VR/AR nets $1.1B in VC funding since Jan. 1; The data revolution is already here, Target and Verizon CIOs say. Entire article
Content Hyatt unlocks branded social media hub to inspire undecided travelers – Mobile Marketer
Mobile Marketer today – Hyatt unlocks branded social media hub to inspire undecided travelers; Absolut promotes at-home bartending via smart kitchen appliance partnership. Entire article
Advertising Barneys prompts social activism for International Women’s Day – Luxury Daily
Luxury Daily today – Barneys prompts social activism for International Women’s Day; Hermès feeds appetite for transparency with Petit h workshop videos. Entire article
Columns Capital trends for the ultra-wealthy
Increasingly, the ultra-wealthy – those with a net worth of $30 million or more – are taking a closer look at how they handle their financial affairs due to the low returns and high fluctuations experienced in 2000-2002, 2008-2009, 2011 and now early 2016. Entire article
Columns Counting on social capital: New way to evaluate entrepreneurial worth
In a three-year examination of the challenges faced by skilled entrepreneurs with highly developed social capital operating in geographies with underdeveloped “financial capital” markets, the dislocation between the two proved to be profound and stifling. Entire article
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