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Today’s headlines

Payments How Walmart Pay could help the mass merchant compete against Amazon
With Walmart experiencing a lag in online sales, attention has turned to its branded mobile wallet, Walmart Pay, which brought the retailer up a notch in the mcommerce space but still lacks a strong loyalty component, a must-have for any retailer-driven wallet. Entire article
Marketing Announcing Mcommerce Summit 2016 New York May 5
Register now for the nation’s No. 1 conference focused on how retailers are tapping mobile for driving on-device and in-store transactions and how mobile commerce will immensely influence consumer shopping decisions in 2016. Hear speakers from Walmart, Walgreens, IKEA, Staples, Google and Boston Retail Partners share mcommerce strategy and best practice.
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Merchandising Victoria’s Secret entices mobile-savvy spring breakers with two-pronged sales approach
Victoria’s Secret is driving sales ahead of spring break by asking Instagram followers to upload a photo showcasing their Friday activities for a chance to win a gift card, as well as rolling out promotions to coincide with the contest. Entire article
Webinars Webinar on Feb. 25: Mobile roadmap for retailers: How to prepare for 2016 and beyond
As the dust settles on another hopefully hectic holiday season, brands and retailers are turning their attention to 2016 and beyond. Constantly trying to keep ahead of the competition, retailers are working hard to align their digital roadmap with shifting consumer expectations. Entire article
Strategy Mobile commerce week in review: Mobile leadership gap grows
The big news in mobile commerce last week was that the gap is growing between average retailers and those with strong mobile offerings when it comes to share of mobile transactions. For the full analysis, watch this video. Entire article
Research Convergence of bricks-and-mortar and mobile is vital for banks: report
Banks should focus on providing a more omnichannel experience by tying mobile into bricks-and-mortar experiences, as 70 percent of consumers with smartphones are interested in such services, according to Mercator Advisory Group. Entire article
Content Mobile Minutes: Podcasts’ advertising hurdles; Three adds adblocking; Facebook and Apple; Smartwatches
Today in mobile marketing – Podcasts face advertising hurdles; Mobile operator Three to introduce adblocking; Facebook, Twitter side with Apple in iPhone fight; Smartwatches outsell Swiss watches for first time as Apple Watch dominates. Entire article
Content Is Snapchat’s fleeting nature undermining its monetization efforts? – Mobile Marketer
Mobile Marketer today – Is Snapchat’s fleeting nature undermining its monetization efforts?; State Farm targets basketball fans during NBA draft live stream. Entire article
Advertising Burberry teases straight from the runway fashion for fall show – Luxury Daily
Luxury Daily today – Burberry teases straight from the runway fashion for fall show; When digital’s bubble pops, luxury will return to its old-school ways: report. Entire article
Columns 5 emerging trends in digital publishing and content
Digital publishers have a greater array of tools to play with than ever before, but a handful of trends will help creative teams produce content that truly stands out and keeps audiences engaged. Entire article
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