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Research Mcommerce approached parity with desktop for top retailers in Q4: report
As mobile increasingly becomes an established channel for purchasing, retailers with strong smartphone shopping experiences are experiencing nearly double the growth rate in share of transactions, according to a new report released today by Criteo. Entire article
Marketing Announcing Mcommerce Summit 2016 New York May 5
Register now for the nation’s No. 1 conference focused on how retailers are tapping mobile for driving on-device and in-store transactions and how mobile commerce will immensely influence consumer shopping decisions in 2016. Hear speakers from Walmart, Walgreens, IKEA, Staples, Google and Boston Retail Partners share mcommerce strategy and best practice.
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Strategy Clinique uncaps mobile sales via pop star-centered shoppable music video
Clinique is appealing to millennial cosmetics fans by rolling out a mobile-optimized music video featuring pop star Zara Larsson, enabling viewers to toggle through different beauty looks and instantly purchase the products shown via Clinique’s mobile site. Entire article
Webinars Webinar on Feb. 25: Mobile roadmap for retailers: How to prepare for 2016 and beyond
Constantly trying to keep ahead of the competition, retailers are working hard to align their digital roadmap with shifting consumer expectations. Join Alexander Ringsdorff and Margie Bell from NewStore for an educational, hour-long webinar on Feb. 25 at 2 p.m. ET where they will explain what to include in your digital roadmap for the coming year. Entire article
Software and technology IHOP taps geolocation to heat up awareness for all-day breakfast
Restaurant chain IHOP is attempting to drive in-store traffic by relying on geolocation technology to adapt its mobile site to reflect each user’s time zone, further ramping up interest in its new all-day breakfast offerings. Entire article
Payments Girl Scouts using mobile payments sell more cookies per transaction
The average number of boxes of cookies sold per transaction by Girl Scouts increased from four to five last year when using a mobile payment solution. Entire article
Content Mobile Minutes: Groupon’s boost; Grammys’ record-breaking streaming; Bon Appetit embraces iPhone; Broken iPhones
Today in mobile marketing – Groupon rises from the dead as Alibaba buys stake; CBS touts record-breaking Grammys streaming, despite technical glitch; They’re just like us! Bon Appetit shot its latest food pics on an iPhone; Apple confirms iOS problem breaks iPhones. Entire article
Content Covergirl’s conversational tweets deliver instant access to exclusive content – Mobile Marketer
Mobile Marketer today – Covergirl’s conversational tweets deliver instant access to exclusive content; New York Times expands mobile wallet opportunities for podcast series. Entire article
Advertising Barneys personalizes experience via iBeacon placement – Luxury Daily
Luxury Daily today – Barneys personalizes experience via iBeacon placement; Ferragamo takes the stage to spotlight Signorina’s distinct personalities. Entire article
Columns How to build an effective SMS program
Studies have shown that given a choice, most people in an unfamiliar location will make do at a chain restaurant they know rather than try a local restaurant that they have never seen before. That is the power of branding. This means that branding is essential for your SMS marketing program. Entire article
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