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Today’s headlines

Multichannel retail support American Apparel blends AI, IoT with beacon-enabled digital displays
BOSTON – An executive from American Apparel at eTail East 2016 detailed how the brand is using an artificial intelligence and Internet of Things solution in which real-world displays interact with shoppers’ phones to start a purchase-enabled thread with a chatbot. Entire article
Software and technology CVS eases customers’ pain points through use of mobile, omnichannel
BOSTON – An executive from CVS at eTail East 2016 stressed the importance of evaluating and alleviating customer problems, reaching customers where they are and focusing on innovation to create a useful omnichannel experience through mobile and digital.  Entire article
Webinars Webinar on Aug. 31: 10 Key Influencer Marketing Predictions
How can brands and retailers get influence marketing right as consumers gain even more control of the dialogue with marketers? Find out the key trends that are driving influencer marketing with best-practice tips and pointers in this free webinar on Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016 at 2 p.m. ET. Entire article
Strategy McDonald’s continues mobile-focused sales blitz with Happy Meal wearables
McDonald’s is attempting to piggyback on the renewed interest in wearables by giving away a complimentary Step-it fitness tracker with each Happy Meal, indicating that mobile-friendly gadgets may spur sales among younger customers. Entire article
Multichannel retail support Aldo’s bricks-and-mortar connected store experience laces up mobile-inspired sales
Footwear and accessories retailer Aldo is the latest brand to integrate mobile with the bricks-and-mortar landscape, enabling shoppers at its new Westfield World Trade Center location to use its application and self-serve tablets to enjoy a more personalized shopping experience. Entire article
Content Mobile Minutes: Pinterest’s video ads; Snapchat’s 360 video ad; Apple expands carrier billing; Web tracking surges
Today in mobile marketing – Pinterest starts selling video advertising, seeking to catch up; Snapchat’s first 360-degree video ad is for Sony thriller Don’t Breathe; Apple brings mobile billing to Japanese iPhone users; They really are watching you: Web tracking surges with online ads. Entire article
Content Mobile demands convergence of marketing and commerce: Kohl’s exec – Mobile Marketer
Mobile Marketer today – Mobile demands convergence of marketing and commerce: Kohl’s exec; Moe’s Southwest Grill cooks up AR art installations to drive loyalty. Entire article
Advertising How should luxury brands navigate creative shift on social media? – Luxury Daily
Luxury Daily today – How should luxury brands navigate creative shift on social media?; Hugo Boss lays out rules of attraction in flirtatious fragrance effort. Entire article
Columns 4 benchmarks for judging quality of leads
As CRM databases become increasingly key to lead-generation activities, and sales and marketing professionals begin to operate more like scientists, a new mantra is taking over. Entire article
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