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Today’s headlines

Multichannel retail support Home Depot’s mobile strategy flowers for springtime home improvements
Mobile is flowering this spring at Home Depot via an application update integrating installation and rental services, a seasonal promotion, enhanced fulfillment services and scaled-up in-store experiences, pointing to the growing role for smartphones in home improvements and gardening. Entire article
Marketing Announcing Mcommerce Summit 2016 New York May 5
Join senior executives and decision-makers at the 6th annual Mcommerce Summit: State of Mobile Commerce 2016, the nation’s No. 1 conference discussing retailing and marketing with mobile as the key influencer. Speakers from retailers and marketers such as Walmart, Walgreens, IKEA, Staples, Google and Boston Retail Partners. Entire article
Inventory management Fossil keeps store associates sharp with mobile POS
Accessories retailer Fossil is forging a more personal and streamlined in-store experience with a mobile point-of-sale system that employees can access on a variety of devices. Entire article
Research In-store Wi-Fi should avoid one-size-fits-all approach: report
Millennial women are looking for personalized experiences on their smartphones when shopping in retail stores while men crave convenience, according to a new report from Euclid Analytics. Entire article
Content Mobile Minutes: Nest disables Revolv; Reddit launches app; Samsung’s profits rise; Facebook Messenger’s 900M users
Today in mobile marketing – Nest to disable Revolv hub, mulls paying back users; Reddit launches first official smartphone apps with three months of free Reddit Gold; Samsung profits are up, thanks to its Galaxy 7 smartphone; Facebook Messenger hits 900 million users, launches Snapchat-like codes. Entire article
Content Snapchat 2.0 creates new marketing opportunities while requiring extra diligence – Mobile Marketer
Mobile Marketer today – Snapchat 2.0 creates new marketing opportunities while requiring extra diligence; What the future of mobile-driven blended experiences will look like: Forrester. Entire article
Advertising Top 10 luxury brand mobile marketers of Q1 – Luxury Daily
Luxury Daily today – Top 10 luxury brand mobile marketers of Q1; Social media transparency helps grow consumer pond: Facebook exec. Entire article
Marketing Inviting opinion pieces on mobile commerce
Mobile Commerce Daily is inviting opinion pieces on mobile commerce issues that affect retailers and marketers as they encourage shopping and transacting via mobile. Entire article
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