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Today’s headlines

Strategy Will chatbot, Snapchat popularity push branded apps to the wayside?
With mobile messaging chatbots and social media marketing opportunities rushing to the forefront of marketers’ minds, standalone commerce applications may only prevail for brands with the wherewithal and audience size to maintain ongoing support. Entire article
Marketing Announcing Mcommerce Summit 2016 New York May 5
Join senior executives and decision-makers at the 6th annual Mcommerce Summit: State of Mobile Commerce 2016, the nation’s No. 1 conference discussing retailing and marketing with mobile as the key influencer. Speakers from retailers and marketers such as Walmart, Walgreens, IKEA, Staples, Google and Boston Retail Partners. Entire article
Web site development NY&Co sees 44pc increase in mobile conversions with revamped shopping site
In a reflection of the need for apparel retailers to continuously refresh their shoppable content on digital channels, New York & Company experienced a 44 percent increase in mobile conversions over the past year after implementing a self-service content marketing platform into its mobile site. Entire article
Strategy Mobile commerce week in review: In-store inspiration
Strategies for engaging in-store shoppers move from me-too to inspired as merchants take a more personalized approach for their customers. Watch this video for the full analysis. Entire article
Research How to maximize sales with mobile search on Amazon: report
Retailers taking to Amazon for selling opportunities should focus on optimizing their product titles for mobile with less than 74 characters, as these items sell the most, according to research from Ripen eCommerce. Entire article
Content Mobile Minutes: Apple search; Mobile VR heats up; Amazon Studios’ theatrical push; The Atlantic and Google Amp
Today in mobile marketing – Apple pursues new search features for a crowded app store; Huawei virtual reality headset will compete with Samsung Gear VR for mobile supremacy; Amazon Studios wins CinemaCon exhibitors, pledging big theatrical push; The Atlantic tests mobile ads built for Google Amp. Entire article
Content GE, Sour Patch Kids, Mountain Dew jump on Snapchat’s interactive emojis – Mobile Marketer
Mobile Marketer today – GE, Sour Patch Kids, Mountain Dew jump on Snapchat’s interactive emojis; Game of Thrones fortifies anticipation via 360-degree Facebook video. Entire article
Advertising Luxury watch, jewelry brands sacrifice search visibility to strategically target affluents: L2 – Luxury Daily
Luxury Daily – Luxury watch, jewelry brands sacrifice search visibility to strategically target affluents: L2; Ferragamo crafts off-the-clock style solutions for running around town. Entire article
Columns 4 ways to drive mobile engagement
With new mobile technologies and platforms emerging every day, businesses are faced with the constant question: Are we using all possible mobile marketing capabilities effectively? Entire article
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