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NearU lets small businesses be mobile marketers

August 19, 2009

nearuNearU Search has launched Qpons Small Business Editions — a completely self-service Web application that allows anyone to register, create and implement a mobile advertising campaign.

Qpons Small Business Edition has all the features that could previously only be gotten for thousands of dollars: opt-in via mobile, text search, on-demand messaging, scheduled alerts, volume and location-based reporting, and unique keywords on our own short code (63278).

“The strategy behind launching this product is to make mobile advertising available to anyone who has 60 bucks a month,” Heather Mlodinow, CEO of NearU, Pasadena, CA. “The idea is to enable any sort of business to participate in mobile marketing.”

Text messaging is fast-becoming one of the most money-spinning opportunities for content providers, advertisers, and small businesses to communicate with their customers.

Since the message arrives on a personal handset, this medium can offer immediacy and relevancy to the end user.

Mobile phones have become a gateway for marketers to literally get into the consumer’s pocket.

Unfortunately, carrier restrictions and surcharges impose significant barriers to entry.

Registering a short code, implementing a strategy and handling regulatory hurdles can take weeks (or even months) and thousands of dollars.

Creating and managing an SMS campaign becomes much less attractive.

NearU launched its Qpons Small Business Edition technology to address this challenge for small businesses.

The technology lets small businesses take advantage of SMS mobile marketing and content distribution, without dealing with the obstacles that make it prohibitive for all but the largest of corporations.

Qpons lets businesses deliver a value proposition for a call to action. And by using the immediacy and relevancy NearU platform, Qpons takes advantage of the fact that 95 percent of all text messages are read within 15 minutes of being received.

“What makes our product unique is that there is no one doing it at this level,” Ms. Mlodinow said. “You get to set up an alert schedule and enter your own coupon.

“It really is an entire self service packet.”

Some companies sell low-cost do it yourself mobile ad tools and then force customers to call-in for a consultation before finishing up the campaign. The consultation is costly.

“The reporting tools give advertisers the ability to see the progress of their campaign day by, month by month,” she said. “Also there is the HotSpot location, which gives marketers a sense of where their audience is.”

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