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Moosejaw exec speaks to retailer’s mobile strategy

December 4, 2009

Outdoor apparel retailer Moosejaw considers mobile commerce an increasingly important piece of its overall customer experience strategy.

Mobile Commerce Daily’s Dan Butcher interviewed Gary Wohlfeill, creative director at Moosejaw, regarding the brand’s mobile strategy. Here is what he said.

What is the importance of the mobile channel in Moosejaw’s overall strategy?
At Moosejaw the mobile space is an increasingly important piece in our overall customer experience strategy.

We really feel that customers don’t think about their activity in terms of channels.

They have already blurred the channels in their daily life.

Email, texting, Web browsing, mobile, Facebook, Twitter – these are already used by our customers simultaneously and in any number of combinations.

The challenge for the Moosejaw is to be able to interact with customers in any way they choose.

We are seeing a lot of customers are starting to move their interaction with Moosejaw to mobile.

What is Moosejaw’s target demographic, and how does mobile help you reach that audience?
Our target demographic is a younger, anti-corporate, more technology-savvy customer.

These customers are already doing much of their communication with friends via their phone.

For Moosejaw not to have a presence on mobile (or texting for that matter) would be a disappointment to the customers who try and reach out to us there.

For Moosejaw, it wasn’t much of a decision whether or not to have a mobile site.

What level of adoption have you seen on your mobile commerce site? How willing have your customers been to make purchases via mobile?
We’ve just recently added the checkout capability to our smartphone optimized site.

The smartphone site not only houses a full madness section (contests, interactive madness campaigns and nonsense) but every single Moosejaw customer product review.

The access to a mobile version of madness and customer reviews was important enough to us to launch early without the checkout feature.

We have seen very encouraging traffic to the site, most of it without heavy promotion.

How have you gotten the word out about your mobile site? Is it mentioned in-store or in any ads? Have you run any mobile-specific promotions?
We have not done a ton of promotion for the site yet, and plan to ramp it up through every channel next year.

Shop staff is encouraged to have customers use their phones to read real Moosejaw customer reviews on the mobile site.

What, in your mind, is the potential for mobile commerce going forward?

I think there is a ton of potential for mobile going forward.

Each major platform (iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android) is getting easier to use and more accessible for consumers.

Any reservations to mobile commerce shopping will weaken as customers do more and more on their phones.

The iPhone app store is getting consumers more comfortable with performing transactions on their phone on lower dollar items.

As this practice becomes more accepted and mobile sites become easier to shop, we see this channel exploding.

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