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Mobile shoppers purchase multiple times per month: Myxer

July 12, 2011

Older consumers more likely to charge mobile purchases to a credit card

Almost half of mobile users make more than one purchase a month via their  mobile devices and spread the wealth among multiple vendors, according to a study by Myxer.

Among mobile purchasers, the largest group – 19 percent – said  they make between two and five purchases in a month. However, an impressive 16 percent make more than 10 purchases a month while eight percent make between six and 10 purchases a month.

“Everyone believes that mobile commerce is becoming more commonplace but what is interesting about these numbers was how many different purchases consumers are making per month as well as from different vendors,” said Jeff Sass, chief evangelist at Myxer, Deerfield Beach, FL.

“Just as we are getting more comfortable using mobile devices for all different parts of our lives, now shopping is becoming a part of this, too,” he said.

“And, it’s not just mobile to assist with shopping in the physical world but consumers are using it to actually make a purchase.”

Spread the wealth
The Myxer Q2 BoomBox Report  is based on a survey of 2,400 mobile visitors to

Overall, 53 percent of recipients said they made purchases from their mobile device.

Mobile shoppers are spreading around the wealth, with 40 percent of respondents purchasing from between two and four vendors in the past month. Another 24 percent purchase from five or more vendors and 12 percent purchased from 10 or more.

In addition to making multiple purchases in a month, some consumers are also spending their money on more than low-priced digital content.

While 37 percent of respondents said they spent less than $5 on their individual mobile purchases, another 26 percent spent more than $20 per mobile purchase.

Music was the top category for mobile purchases, representing 68 percent.

Convenience was the top reason cited by respondents for why they made purchases via mobile, with 37 percent pointing to this factor.

Among Android users, 45 percent said convenience.

Price came in second with 24 percent of mobile shoppers citing it.

“It was surprising to see that 26 percent of respondents are saying they spend more than $20 a purchase – this would seem to go beyond snackable content,” Mr. Sass said.

Carrier billing
Other findings include that younger consumers are more likely to charge a mobile purchase made to their phone bill than a credit card.

Overall, 31 percent said they prefer to have their mobile purchases charged to their mobile phone bill and 18 percent prefer to pay by credit card.

However, in the 18-to-24-year-old age range, 38 percent prefer charging their phone bill for mobile purchases and only 14 percent favored paying by credit card. The credit card is still the preferred method of payment for consumers between the ages of 35 and 54 years old, with 28 percent preferring this method versus 23 percent who like paying by phone bill.

Within Android users who had made a purchase with the mobile phone, 27 percent preferred to use their credit card.

“When you get to the younger demographics, especially teens and young adults, many still have their phone bills paid by their parents so they want to charge purchases to their phone bills,” Mr. Sass said.

“Older consumers are looking at the mobile phone as an extension of the Internet and are more comfortable purchasing the same way they do there,” he said.

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