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Mobile Minutes: WhatsApp’s 1B users; Apple’s shrinking impact; Google’s moon shots; AOL’s Tim Armstrong

February 3, 2016

27874Facebook’s WhatsApp hits 1B users
Facebook-owned WhatsApp now has a billion users, the company announced on Monday, a key milestone for the social network as it searches for ways to monetize the service.
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Apple’s shrinking impact in the smartphone industry
Apple is the poster child for how to make a disruption strategy successful over time.
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Wait, Google’s ‘moon shots’ cost how much???
Alphabet, the new parent company of Google, is the Willy Wonka factory of tech: driverless cars, Wi-Fi beaming balloons, glucose-reading contact lenses and even plans for smart cities.
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Under Verizon, AOL’s Tim Armstrong sees massive growth for mobile media, ads
AOL CEO Tim Armstrong believes mobile is going to “rip through the Internet and traditional media,” poised for astronomical growth over the next three decades.
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