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Mobile Minutes: Note 7 banned; Pokemon GO’s let-down; Salesforce will not bid on Twitter; Sprint mascot

October 17, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

US to ban all Samsung Galaxy Note 7s from flights
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may no longer be flight ready.
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Back to reality: The ‘Pokémon GO’ craze didn’t really help local businesses
At its peak this summer, one in ten Americans was playing Pokémon GO. The smash hit game for catching Nintendo’s popular digital characters around real-world neighborhoods soared to become the most downloaded app ever in its first week and the first to reach an estimated $500 million in revenue for creators Niantic labs.
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With Sprint, former Verizon actors says, you can hear him just fine
Once, he was widely known as the Verizon guy, or the “Can you hear me now?” guy. Now, he’s just Paul.
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Salesforce CEO says company will not bid for Twitter Inc’s Chief Executive Marc Benioff said on Friday he had ruled out bidding for Twitter Inc, a decision that appeased Salesforce’s investors but raised questions about Twitter’s future.
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