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Mobile Minutes: Nest disables Revolv; Reddit launches app; Samsung’s profits rise; Facebook Messenger’s 900M users

April 8, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.22.58 PMNest to disable Revolv hub, mulls paying back users
Early adopters who sprung for Nest’s $299 Revolv smart home hub may get their money back.
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Reddit launches first official smartphone apps with three months of free Reddit Gold
Reddit, dubbed “the front page of the Internet,” has launched its first official smartphone apps for Android and iOS offering those who sign up first three months of its premium service known as Reddit Gold.
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Samsung profits are up, thanks to its Galaxy 7 smartphone
Samsung performed better than expected at the beginning of what it has said will be a tough year, thanks to a product that recently has been its Achilles’ heel: smartphones.
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Facebook Messenger hits 900 million users, launches Snapchat-like codes
Facebook is making it easier to connect and chat with friends and businesses over Messenger as it reaches a new milestone of 900 million monthly active users.
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