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Macy’s drives mcommerce with Election Day mobile advertising sales push

November 3, 2010

Macy's is advertising within he Good Housekeeping app

Macy's is advertising within he Good Housekeeping app

Macy’s is the launch advertiser of Hearst’s Good Housekeeping @Home App, pushing its Election Day sale through a retail call to action that promises 20-50 percent off for consumers that shop there and then.

The Macy’s sponsorship is delivered with Zumobi’s BrandBlast advertising platform, which creates an app-within-an-app experience for the user. The brand is advertised on the application loading screen, home screen and in expandable banner units, which drive users to a shoppable in-application Macy’s microsite, that offers free shipping to consumers who spend more than $75.

“This is a partnership between Zumobi and Hearst’s Good Housekeeping, which has an extremely large circulation,” said Ken Willner, CEO of Zumobi, Seattle. “Good housekeeping is a reputable brand and we are delighted to partner with them and bring their content to the mobile platform.

“The application provides tactical utility and a lot of great content,” he said. “As you might remember one of our core tenets is to publish apps that drive repeat usage and keep users engaged since the apps are ad supported.”

Macy’s campaign
The first campaign to run in the application is Macy’s Election Day sale push.

Mr. Willner said there are other advertisers that are going to be running ads starting next week.

For now, Macy’s presence within the application focuses on a retail call to action. But that may soon change, per Mr. Willner.

“We are going to do more and more integration using the app-within-an-app advertising,” Mr. Willner said. “Other iterations will rely heavily on rich media.”

Because Macy’s has a core target of women, the Good Housekeeping application was a perfect fit.

Macy's logo is incorporated into the app

Macy's logo is incorporated into the app

“This first iteration is tactical, letting consumers shop by category,” Mr. Willner said. “Further iterations will integrate Macy’s more into the content of the app and will focus on brand engagement as opposed to a retail call to action.”

The microsite offers Election Day sales and free shipping to consumers that spend more than $75

The microsite offers Election Day sales and free shipping to consumers that spend more than $75

The Good Housekeeping app
The application has six key content/functionality areas that include:

Stain Buster: An A to Z encyclopedia for removing smudges, spots and spills from fabric, upholstery and carpet.

Do-It-All Cleaning: From stainless steel refrigerators to marble countertops, surface-by-surface, easy to follow, no-fail cleaning advice.

Good Housekeeping Seal: Searchable by product or category, a complete directory of more than 5,000 products that have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal and the Green Good Housekeeping Seal, an environmental extension of the primary Seal. Users can also learn about the Good Housekeeping Research Institute, the magazine’s state-of-the-art product testing laboratory.

News and Tips: Relevant and timely articles, advice and information including organizing, DIY projects and unique crafts. The content will be updated regularly to guarantee users are referring to new and fresh material.

Home Décor Gallery: From major room makeovers to updating accessories, the Home Décor Gallery includes hundreds of inspiring photos that are sure to help users find a new look for any room in the house.

Social Media Integration: The @Home application integrates with Facebook and Twitter allowing members to share content in the social media world.

“Our core model is to partner with media companies to distribute these apps and the key differentiator for Zumobi is that we are a publisher as well as an ad network,” Mr. Willner said.

“We can do contextual targeting and more than just blind advertising buys,” he said.

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