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Macy’s partners with Spotify to further mobile advertising stride

August 1, 2012

Macy's Spotify mobile ads

Macy’s is proving that mobile advertising can be an effective way for retailers to target specific groups of consumers with a new campaign that hones in on tech-savvy teens.

Macy’s is running the mobile ads to drive engagement and sales through Macy’s MStyleLab program. Macy’s is one of the first Spotify mobile advertisers .

“Spotify offered us the opportunity to be a launch partner as they rolled out ads across iPhone and iPad devices. We wanted to take part in this first-to-market opportunity, category-exclusive sponsorship and felt that Spotify was a relevant place to reach out millennial target,” said Jennifer Kasper, general vice president of digital media and multicultural marketing at Macy’s, Cincinnati, OH.

“The goals of the campaign are to increase awareness and brand affinity for MStyleLab and, of course, to drive sales,” she said.

“Mobile is an increasingly important part of the media mix and provides a critical touch point for our customers when they’re on the go. Smartphones have become our customers’ most-used tool throughout the day, so we strive to provide consumer-friendly utility via mobile that’s appropriate to the time, place and platform – whether at home, on the street or in our cosmetics department.”

Mobile music engagement
Macy’s is running audio ads inside Spotify’s iPhone app in the radio tab.

The ads also include a landing page that encourages users to tap to find the latest styles from MStyleLab.

After consumers click, they are taken to the mobile site for MStyleLabs where they can shop junior products for boys and girls.

The site is merchandised to feature the top trends and brands and inspire teens to put together their own looks.Consumers can view additional pictures, colors and reviews on products.

The MStyleLab mobile site

Products can be looked up for in-store availability by using a device’s GPS.

Additionally, a search bar at the top of the screen lets users type in keywords if they are looking for something specific.

Users can shop cosmetic products

Options to share content via Facebook, Twitter and email are plastered over the mobile site and products can also be “Liked” on Facebook.

Given MStyleLab’s core group of teenagers, pushing social media is a great way for the brand to get consumers talking about and sharing Macy’s products to friends and family.

Buy on mobile
Macy’s is no stranger to commerce-enabled mobile advertising.

The company routinely uses mobile ads to promote seasonal, time-sensitive campaigns.

For instance, the company recently ran a campaign for spring-themed products in Us Magazine’s mobile site to drive in-store and mobile sales (see story).

According to some mobile experts, directing users to a mobile commerce spot – in this case a mobile site – can be most effective when used as a shopping influencer versus a direct sale medium.

“One area that brands should be focused on is the ongoing acceleration of mobile for influencing purchase decisions as opposed to direct mobile commerce,” said Seth Elliott, senior vice president and chief strategy officer of Engagement Media Technologies, Miami.

Mr. Elliott is not affiliated with Macy’s. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

“Mcommerce is anticipated to account for about $12 billion this year,” he said. “On the other hand, mobile-influenced commerce – where consumers use mobile applications or mobile searches while shopping — is anticipated to reach $159 billion.”

“There’s no question that ecommerce and direct mcommerce is a strong category for back-to-school apparel purchases. However, influenced commerce leading to in-store purchase dwarfs direct mcommerce, so we will likely see ongoing acceleration of in-store purchases driven by mobile, in addition to growth in direct mcommerce and ecommerce apparel purchases.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York

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