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Longo’s app integrates with loyalty program to deliver personalized shopping

July 26, 2013

App users can earn rewards

Supermarket chain Longo’s has launched a mobile application enabling users to create a shopping list, access their loyalty points and earn rewards.

The app is integrated with Longo’s Thank You Rewards program, enabling users to display their loyalty card on the phone at checkout to earn points for their purchases. Users can also earn points by using the app to rate products, create lists and interact with in-store signage.

“A mobile app is a great medium to deliver one-to-one marketing and a personalized customer experience, where every shopper’s experience is tailored to them based on their behavior,” said Chris Bryson, founder/CEO of Unata, Toronto.

“Shoppers can easily build their shopping list based on a personalized flyer and personalized recommendations, determined by their shopping history,” he said.

“If they aren’t part of the loyalty program, they can sign up through the app, allowing them to also get their loyalty card on their phone and access their points balance.”

Longo’s is a Toronto-based chain of 22 supermarket stores. The company also operates four small-format stores and, a leading ecommerce grocery site.

Enhanced in-store shopping
Longo’s teamed up with Unata to launch the mobile apps with the goal of enhancing and personalizing the in-store shopping experience by leveraging Unata’s Shopper Marketing Platform.

The platform connects with a retailer’s system and uses transaction data to personalize each shopper’s experience and enable the retailer to send targeted, relevant offers.

Users can access their loyalty points

Shoppers can use the app to create a shopping list from the entire catalog of products available at Longo’s as well as view prices and store specials.

Users can sign up for the Thank You Rewards program via the app or log in with their existing account. Once they do, they can access their points balance and display their loyalty card on the phone screen to show at checkout.

Interactive experiences
Once logged in, users can also access their previous purchases so they can build lists more easily.

The app also includes a personalized flyer highlighting products on sale that the shopper has previously purchased. The flyer includes specials that shoppers are most likely to enjoy based on their purchase history.

A screenshot of the app

“We just launched the Longo’s experience, but our work with Grocery Gateway has shown us that by providing more personally relevant content [such as] products and offers there is a strong lift in user engagement,” Mr. Bryson said.

“We have lots of plans in place about how to make the in-store experience more interactive and relevant through the app and interactive store signage, which will be rolled out over the coming months,” he said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode is associate editor on Mobile Marketer, New York

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