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Levi’s Dockers mobile presence increases brand exposure

February 9, 2010

khakisDenim giant Levi Strauss & Co.’s Dockers brand has launched a mobile commerce site to increase its exposure to consumers and essentially drive sales.

The mobile site lets users browse through mens and womens Dockers-branded clothing and consumers can also track an existing order. There is also a store locator and the chance to sign up for email communication from Dockers.

“The reason why retailers and brands need to have a mobile presence is simple: people of all stripes live on their mobile phone,” said Brennan Hayden, vice president of WDA, East Lansing, MI. “The companies that learn what this means and how to exploit it will gain a competitive advantage over those who lag behind.”

The Dockers mobile site was built by Usablenet, which declined to comment for this story. Additionally, calls to Dockers were not returned in time for press.

The Dockers mobile site at is built to match the experience on the brand’s PC site.


Consistency in the brand experience is important and helps consumers identify with a brand and maintain familiarity with its content, product or services. As phones get smarter and wireless networks get faster, brands will be able to provide a more consistent experience between their online and mobile properties.

The Dockers mobile site is also promoting the brand’s khakis sweepstakes. Consumers are asked to enter their email address for a chance to instantly win Dockers Soft Khakis. This is also a means for Dockers to build an email database for future marketing.


Dockers is not new to mobile. The brand made its Super Bowl television commercial interactive by letting smartphone users tag the ad to get branded mobile content.

Dockers partnered with Shazam to develop an integrated program that lets consumers who watch the new Dockers “Men Without Pants” TV commercial use their mobile devices to engage at a deeper level with the brand (see story).

Most notably, Dockers “shook” up the industry by releasing an ad choreographed to leverage the power of mobile advertising to go far beyond SMS and banners.

The khaki maker allowed users to control a street dancer’s movement and averaged 42 seconds of engagement per viewer (see story).

“Mobile represents the last mile of the marketing funnel – connecting the dots between TV, radio, print, outdoor, gaming and PC-Web display and search marketing efforts – to actual purchases made at retail,” said Jamie Wells, global director of trade marketing at Microsoft, Redmond, WA.  

“In many ways mobile has become this century’s first marketing must – and no category, not even travel, is mobile more relevant to than the retail sector,” he said. “Mobile is rapidly becoming the medium of choice for consumers seeking store locations, researching products, and increasingly, executing purchases directly.  

“Not having a mobile presence in today’s retail sector is akin to not having a Web site in the late 90’s, or not having a phone number in the 50’s.”

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