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J.M. Smucker adds Instagram to sweepstakes for Dunkin’ Donuts at-home coffee

September 24, 2013

Dunkin' Donuts' at-home coffee

The J.M. Smucker Company is bringing back its “Mug Up” promotion for Dunkin’ Donuts packaged coffee with an added mobile twist, letting consumers enter via Instagram.

Consumers can upload a photo of themselves with their favorite mug of coffee via a microsite that is optimized for mobile or they can post the photo to Instagram with the hashtag #DunkinMugUp. Each month through June 2, 2014, J.M. Smucker will announce a special theme for the photos, and three winners will be randomly selected for every month.

“Mobile and photos are as matched as coffee and cream,” said Jeff Hasen, chief marketing officer of Mobivity, Seattle. “Dunkin’ Donuts is wise to engage customers who will choose to become pseudo brand ambassadors.

“Instagram is a terrific vehicle, but since picture-taking via mobile is so ubiquitous, this can be much broader than just one app,” he said.

“Dunkin Donuts is one of the most progressive when it comes to mobile; its app is among the best, and it successfully uses SMS to engage customers in a dialogue and also to drive app downloads and, of course, sales.”

Mr. Hasen is not affiliated with J.M. Smucker. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

J.M. Smucker did not meet press deadlines.

Mug Up
Consumers can enter the Mug Up contest every month for a chance to win Dunkin Donuts prizes. The prizes include a year’s worth of Dunkin Donut’s coffee, a $250 VISA gift card and a Dunkin’ Donuts gallon coffee mug.

September’s theme is “Mug Hug,” so consumers will have to submit a picture of them hugging their favorite mug.

Consumers can enter by visiting the microsite

To enter, consumers will have to register, either through Facebook or creating an account on the page.

Additionally, consumers can enter through Instagram. First, they have to link their Instagram account to their promotion account – this process is explained on the microsite.

Then they have to post a photo of themselves with the hashtag #DunkinMugUp. Consumers can enter daily via Instagram.

Some of the Instagram submissions

Every month three winners will be randomly selected from eligible entries.

Drawing periods will begin on Sept. 3, Oct. 1, Nov. 1, Dec. 2, Jan. 2, Feb. 3, Mar. 3, Apr. 1 and May 1.

To be eligible, consumers must show the coffee mug and face front and center in the photo. They must avoid showing other brand logos, trademarks, characters or slogans.

Additionally, they cannot submit rude or offensive photos, and they cannot submit someone else’s photo.

To enter, consumers must be legal residents of the United States and above the age of 18.

The mobile-optimized microsite

Mobile social food
A number of different food companies have been leveraging mobile and social for consumer promotions.

For example, Australia-based Pie Face is running a Pay with a Tweet campaign that lets consumers get a free mini pie if they post something related to Pie Face on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (see story).

Popeye’s is also running a mobile social campaign recently that asked consumers to upload Vine, Instagram and YouTube videos that depict their own version of Popeye’s “Love that Chicken from Popeyes” theme song. Every week of the campaign, Popeye’s will pick 12 entrants to win prizes such s $1,000, wireless Bluetooth speakers and Popeye giftcards (see story).

“If you question whether mobile is important to this brand, stand outside a Dunkin Donuts for an hour and see how many patrons enter without a mobile phone,” Mr. Hasen said. “My bet is zero or just a few.”

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York

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Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily and Mobile Marketer. Reach her at

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