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EveryBody media adds mobile action codes to digital uniforms to enhance consumer interactions

March 14, 2011

EveryBody dance now

Superior Uniform Group Inc., a designer and manufacturer of uniforms, image apparel and accessories, has launched of a new division, everyBody media, that combines mobile action codes and interactive advertising with image apparel at the point of purchase.

The company signed a licensing agreement with Eyelevel Interactive. With everyBody media, customers now can create or take existing uniform programs and transform them into advertising mediums with the potential to produce revenue.

“Customers such as retailers now have the ability to boost sales, generate additional co-op and brand dollars from suppliers, attract new customers and enhance customer loyalty,” said David Schechter, managing director of everyBody media, Seminole, FL.

“EveryBody media provides customers with a vehicle to turn what has been traditionally an expense item into a revenue generator, by offering highly effective advertising media to brand partners, right where purchasing decisions are being made by today’s mobile-savvy consumer,” he said.

EI Tags
Using printing technology, graphic panels containing brand messaging and smartphone-targeted mobile action codes for advertisements—for example, special point of purchase coupons, videos, games and contests—are printed on fabric.

These panels, called Switch-Its, attach to the patented garments such as shirts or aprons, creating the Interactive Point of Purchase System, or iPOPS.

Because the panels are removable, graphic messaging can be changed monthly, weekly, daily or hourly to reach specific demographics with the most effective timing.

Proprietary mobile action codes developed by Microsoft Corp. called EI Tags, which are located on the Switch-Its, can lead consumers who scan with their smartphones to special point of purchase deals, contests, online videos or other interactive touch points.

Superior Uniform Group currently serves the retail, food-service and hospitality industries.

The idea is to transform employees wearing the everyBody media garment into an effective brand ambassador right at the point of purchase.

This is designed to encourage team member interaction with consumers and introduce a human element for the promotion and/or brand.

“Superior’s commitment to integrate mobile technology with advertising and garment technology provides its customers a new, flexible and effective way to engage their target audiences and build brand loyalty,” Mr. Schechter said.

“EveryBody media represents a new and cutting-edge way to create multiple impressions right at the time consumers are making buying decisions, with wallet in hand,” he said.

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