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Domino’s Pizza makes limited-time offers vital part of mobile strategy

March 18, 2014

Domino's bolsters online orders

Domino’s Pizza continues to make a name for itself in the mobile ordering space with another aggressive time-sensitive offer that targets sports fans and spurs quick digital orders.

The pizza chain is once again incentivizing consumers to order from smartphones, tablets and desktops with a 50 percent discount to celebrate the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s March Madness basketball tournament. These kinds of offers have become critical in how Domino’s Pizza promotes mobile as an extension of the company’s digital ordering options.

“Offering mobile-special promotions is an effective way to foster brand loyalty,” said Bill Aurnhammer, founder/CEO of Aurnhammer, New York.

“In Domino’s case, the March Madness discount is likely to attract many new customers and leave them a happy pizza experience,” he said.

Mr. Aurnhammer is not affiliated with Domino’s. He spoke based on his expertise on the subject.

Domino’s did not meet press deadline.

Mobile incentives
The promotion runs through March 23 and applies to all digital Domino’s orders for menu-priced items.

Consumers can place orders through Domino’s iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 8 and Kindle Fire app, mobile Web site and desktop site.

To promote the offer, Domino’s is running promoted Tweets within Twitter.

The promoted tweet

Domino’s reports that the company sold 1.7 million pizzas during the semi-finals and championship game last year. The company’s strategy aims to take advantage of the fact that more consumers are interacting with their mobile devices while watching television.

Domino’s has run multiple campaigns similar to the current NCAA one, including a 12-day giveaway, a promotion with Major League Baseball and a one-day Facebook offer.

In particular, the focus on mobile ordering shows the importance that mobile Web and applications play in the company’s bigger digital strategy.

Besides ordering functionality, Domino’s mobile apps also let consumers sign in to their loyalty accounts, find coupons and follow the status of their order with a feature called Domino’s Tracker.

These apps as well as a Web site accounted for 40 percent of Domino’s revenue in 2013.

The Domino’s app

Mobile pizzas
Similar to competitor pizza chains Pizza Hut and Papa John’s, Domino’s has been bullish on mobile for quite some time.

Earlier this year, Domino’s rolled out a connected car app with Ford’s in-car Synch technology. The app lets consumers set up their preferences and then use voice commands to place an order (see story).

Additionally, the launch of a Windows 8 app last year gave Domino’s a presence on 95 percent of smartphones in the United States, per the company (see story).

“The bottom line is that with apps, the pizza chains were in early,” said Brennan Hayden, executive vice president and chief operating officer of WDA and vice president of mobile at [x+1], East Lansing, MI.

Mr. Hayden is not affiliated with Domino’s. He spoke based on his expertise on the subject.

“Their apps make it really easy to order,” he said. “An app takes the stress out, they have that nailed.”

“On the other hand, there is still money on the table with loyalty, in that you don’t see much retargeting to speak of. I would look at retargeting to be Domino’s next phase, and a perfect next step to complement their app acquisition strategy.”

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York

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