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Domino’s Pizza foursquare promotion achieves 9,617 check-ins

March 31, 2011

The Domino's Pizza Mayor offer

Domino’s Pizza teamed with mobile social network foursquare to reward its most loyal customers via geo-targeted offers.

The pizza chain is one of the first major food brands to team up with foursquare. The promotion was applied to 600 Domino’s branches throughout Britain.

“The aim of the initiative was to continue the brand’s association with being the first in its category to try new ways of reaching consumers and gain brand awareness within the geo-location social space,” said Neil Major, social media director at Vexed Digital, London.

Vexed is Domino’s digital agency of record.

Stellar results
The campaign was initially launched at Domino’s Pizza in Liverpool where the Mayor received one free special pizza a week. After seeing much success, the campaign was rolled out across Britain.

Since the campaign content was geo-located, anyone near any of the Domino’s outlets was also exposed to it – reaching a total of more than 200,000 foursquare users in Britain.

The campaign generated a lot of buzz in terms of word of mouth marketing.

In the first three months across all 600 stores there were 2,764 Facebook posts regarding the promotion.

A whopping 3,714 tweets were found spreading the word about the promotion.

Additionally, the campaign achieved 9,617 check-ins total, with 3,000 unique visitors to Domino’s locations as a result of the geo-located offer.

Geo-targeted offers

“The campaign continues to this day and has been rolled out at new stores as the group continues to expand,” Mr. Major said. “The foursquare promotion launch coincided with a major refresh of the Domino’s Web site.

“The Domino’s Pizza refresh was driven by a need to update the creative look and feel of the Web site, to improve the user experience and overall to uplift sales,” he said. “Vexed focused on ensuring that the site ensures ease of use and purchase speed for customers ordering their favorite pizzas online.

“Features such as remember last order reduce the time taken to complete each order and the pre-order tool enables people to use the site at their convenience.”

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