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Chili’s pushes mobile ordering via mobile ad campaign

February 23, 2012

The Chili's mobile ad

Restaurant chain Chili’s Grill & Bar is using mobile advertising to spread the word about its ordering service.

The Chili’s mobile ads aim to educate consumers about the restaurant’s pick-up mobile ordering service by walking them through the steps of placing an order. The ads are running within’s mobile site.

“Chili’s Grill & Bar wants to reach on-the-go consumers leading busy lifestyles,” said Nicole Cochran, marketing director at Chili’s, Dallas, TX.

“Enabling our new mobile ordering applications and Web site makes our guests’ lives easier, allowing them to get their Chili’s fix anytime and anywhere,” she said.

Hot food
Chili’s began the mobile advertising campaign one week ago.

The Chili’s mobile ads read, “Did you stomach just growl? Tap to order now.” The ads also feature the logo for Chili’s To Go program.

When consumers tap on the mobile ad, they are redirected to the Chili’s mobile site. There, they are encouraged to type in their ZIP code or city to find the nearest restaurant location.

Consumers can also use the device’s GPS technology to locate the nearest Chili’s.

After finding the nearest location, users can either begin an order or browse the restaurant’s menu.

Users can find the nearest Chili’s via the ads

As users build their order, the mobile site offers consumers recommended dishes, which is a great way for Chili’s to boost order sizes.

The ordering service automatically recommends items for users

Consumers can then enter their credit card and contact information to finish their order.

The mobile site gives consumers an estimated time for the quickest pick-up. However, they can also choose a time to pick up their order.

Users can choose a pick-up time and how they want to pay

The mobile site also lists the directions and phone number of the restaurant.

Mobile grub
Chili’s has recently been doing a lot to ramp up its mobile prescense.

Recently the company rolled out an iPhone and Android app that lets users place food orders while they are on the go (see story).

Chili’s has also proved that it is aiming to be a leader in mobile by using mobile bar codes. The restaurant chain has tested QR codes for on-menu items and charity donations.

Using mobile advertising is a natural way to promote a company’s mobile initiatives and by placing the ad inside a mobile site, Chili’s is able to directly turn consumer interest into a sales by letting users place orders via their handsets.

“Chili’s primarily uses mobile advertising to engage and encourage guests to place To Go orders via Chili’s iPhone and Android apps as well as on the brand’s mobile site,” Ms. Cochran said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York

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    Lauren… you mention in the Chili’s article that users “TAP” the ad. How can they tap without an NFC enabled phone…

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