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Brooklyn Cyclones breaks into mobile commerce via targeted fan initiative

June 14, 2011

Minor league team has new mobile strategy

Minor league baseball team The Brooklyn Cyclones will try to improve the fan experience via a new mobile strategy enabling users to purchase game tickets.

The single A affiliate of the New York Mets has partnered with mobile marketing platform provider Shore Mobile to build a mobile Web site and engage with fans via a mobile platform that will go live this week in time for opening day. This is the team’s first foray into mobile and will serve as the basis for future mobile initiatives such as the ability to order food from the concession stands.

“With people becoming more reliant on their phones, we want them to instantly be able to buy tickets if we send them a message about a particular game,” said Billy Harner, director of communications at The Brooklyn Cyclones, Brooklyn, NY. “And, when they are away from the ballpark, we want to make it easier for them to follow the team.

“With minor league baseball, it is all about the fan experience,” he said. “So, we’re looking for anything we can do to make the experience as enjoyable as possible and keep fans in the loop in the easiest way possible.”

The Brooklyn Cyclones expects the strategy to help it drive ticket sales and increase fan loyalty.

The team will use Shore Mobile’s GoMo Campaign and GoMo CMS systems to manage their mobile programs and assets.

Database on base
The team will use mobile programs such as SMS voting and live polls, scoreboard interaction, and stat lookups for in-game fan engagement. Fans at the games will also be able to access exclusive mobile offers and coupons. Fans will also have the ability to access a Brooklyn Cyclones mobile Web site that features stats & scores, schedules, promotions and more.

The Brooklyn Cyclones will work with Shore Mobile to help the team build a mobile opt-in database.

Fans who sign up will receive a weekly newsletter from The Brooklyn Cyclones that will highlight special offers and promotions.

“If there is a game we need to push tickets for, this will give us an opportunity to do that,” Mr. Harner said.

Users will be able to click through and order tickets using a credit card.

The team also plans to use the mobile opt-in database to be able to provide users special offers around food and drinks when they are in the stadium and there is a rain delay.

Mobile joins minor leagues
Other examples of how the mobile platform might be used include enabling fans to text in to have a song played over the loudspeakers or requesting to have someone’s name put on the scoreboard for their birthday.

The team will also be able to include sponsorship content in its mobile messaging if it chooses to do so.

“We are getting our feet wet and trying to figure out what’s the easiest way to incorporate this into our script for each game as well as see what fans like and don’t like,” Mr. Harner said.

The mobile program will be promoted in team schedules, mailers and print ads.

While many major league teams already have a presence in mobile, the strategy is still relatively new to the minor leagues.

“We are one of the early guinea pigs with this,” Mr. Harner said.

The team plans to expand the strategy next year and integrate the mobile platform with its point-of-sale system to enable fans in the stands to order food from the concessions stands via mobile and either have the order delivered to them or be able to pick it up when its ready.

“Quite a few of the minor league baseball teams are currently looking into mobile marketing to enhance the game time experience and in the future we expect you will have every minor league team involved in mobile marketing,” said Jeff Dyer, president of Shore Mobile.

In addition to baseball games, The Brooklyn Cyclones stadium hosts a variety of other events, such as concerts, that fans will also be able to sign up and receive information about.

Mobile is helping The Brooklyn Cyclones improve the overall experience for its fans.

“This is making them feel as involved in everything going on in the ballpark as possible,” Mr. Harner said.

Final Take
Chantal Tode, Mobile Commerce

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