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Borders works with Allurent to enhance Magic Shelf

August 18, 2009

borders1Borders Direct LLC, the ecommerce platform of Borders Group Inc., has selected Allurent, a software company powering online shopping, to help enhance the Magic Shelf feature of its upcoming ecommerce site that is set to launch first quarter 2008.

The retailer’s patent-pending Magic Shelf technology attempts to mimic the shopping experience that takes place in its bookstores every day. When arriving at the beta site’s homepage at, customers see a realistic looking, three-dimensional wooden shelf of actual book, CD and DVD covers displayed as they would be in a store.
“In 2001 Borders signed an agreement with … online marketplace,” said Anne Roman, a spokeswoman at Borders Group, Ann Arbor, MI. “But in the first fiscal quarter of ’08, Borders will no longer have this agreement, which is an obvious marketing advantage.”

The split from Amazon allows Borders customers to take advantage of a more personalized experience. For example, the Borders Rewards program, which currently is only beneficial in-store, will allow members to earn savings through online purchases.

“This is a cross-channel strategy,” Ms. Roman said. “We want to uniquely combine our online and in-store offerings to create an experience unlike anything out there.”

A great example of this cross-channel strategy is the video shows that Borders produces in-house at  One show is called Live at 01 and showcases in-store events that occur in the very first Borders Books store. Once the new launches, this programming will be a part of the site.

And, of course, there is Magic Shelf.
“Magic Shelf is going to bring forth the explorative element of the in-store, book-shopping experience and make it even better,” Ms. Roman said.

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