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Blaze, Tetherball partner to let consumers buy via mobile

December 28, 2009

moneyBlaze Mobile and Tetherball have partnered to not only allow consumers to redeem mobile rewards and coupons, but also to let them pay for their purchases using their mobile phone.

Loyalty members can receive offers from Tetherball on their mobile phone from retailers like Dairy Queen and others. To redeem the offer, the consumer simply holds their mobile phone, with the Blaze Sticker on the back of the phone, near the point-of-sale device at the checkout stand.

Mobile Commerce Daily’s Chris Harnick interviewed Michelle Fisher, CEO of Blaze Mobile, Berkley, CA, about the new service.

Here is what she had to say:

What’s the strategy behind the partnership?
The strategy is really to offer consumers a seamless, comprehensive application that is easy to use and provides convenience and cost savings. 

The combination of mobile payments and mobile rewards offers consumers complete mobile freedom.

What challenges does this address?
For consumers, the service is comprehensive. 

Consumers can receive and redeem mobile offers and pay for their product using only their cell phone and a single application. 

For advertisers, the partnership offers a way for advertisers to reach their demographic in a targeted way at a time when they are most receptive to receiving the message and “in the moment” when purchasing decisions are being made.

For retailers, the convenience of the application provides an efficiency at the point of sale – faster and easier checkout, with more satisfied customers.

What is the target demo for these services?
Because the service offers a suite of features, it reaches a broad-ranging target, and is appropriate for anyone who enjoys ease of use, saving time and money. 

Specific targets we find to be interested in such products include working moms, single professionals and tweens.

The combined effort offers even  unbanked individuals (those who do not have a bank account) the freedom of an all-in-one application.

How will this be promoted?
In addition to reaching the Blaze Mobile audience through communications via email, the Blaze Insider blog and social media (Twitter and Facebook), we are working on  a variety of promotions in conjunction with retailers.

Any clients you can name so far, Dairy Queen?
We’re speaking with a variety of interested clients in the retail space at this time, and will be able to announce specific partnerships as the partnership launches in Q1 2010. 

Why expand to mobile payments? Are consumers ready and demanding?
Yes, consumers want the convenience and freedom an integrated application can provide. 

As is often noted, the United States lags behind Europe and Asia in integrated technology – the case for usage has been proven when the technology is available.

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