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Bagger Dave’s rewards mobile customers with instant win opportunities

December 3, 2013

Michigan-based restaurant chain Bagger Dave’s Freshly-Crafted Burger Tavern has launched a mobile rewards campaign to better understand its consumers while offering them the chance to win exciting prizes.

The Fresh Rewards campaign is powered by ePrize and can be accessed via a mobile-optimized microsite, SMS or by scanning an in-store QR code. Consumers can then earn rewards by checking in at a Bagger Dave’s location, purchasing products, rating their dining experience, referring friends or sharing the program via social media.

“Without a rewards program, most consumers in the casual dining industry are anonymous,” said Matt Kates, vice president of strategic services at ePrize, Pleasant Ridge, MI. “The rewards program helps de-anonymize the consumer.

“When a consumer enrolls in the program, we are able to track their purchases, gather feedback by incenting dining reviews and providing a monthly survey to further learn about the consumer,” he said. “Through these multiple data points, we are able to build holistic consumer profiles.

“The loyalty campaign is designed to reward Bagger Dave’s consumers based on their unique, individual preferences.”

Fresh Rewards
Once consumers join the Fresh Reward program — via the microsite, SMS or QR codes — they can begin earning points.

To join, consumers can either link to Facebook or fill out personal information, including their favorite Bagger Dave’s location. Consumers can also sign up to receive special offers and promotions via email or mobile.

Within the site, consumers can track their points and earn more by checking in with Foursquare, entering a code from a restaurant’s server, reviewing their experience, taking a survey or sharing on Facebook or Twitter.

Consumers can also play a game that asks them to swipe over Bagger Dave’s bags to reveal treats. If all three match, they win.

The game mirrors a physical scratch-off lottery card with consumers swiping their finger across each bag to “scratch” it away.

Consumers can play every day through Dec. 31, 2013 for a chance to win prizes, such as gift certificates or $10,000 towards a holiday shopping spree.

The app also rewards consumers for using the mobile payments feature to pay in-store.

The mobile-optimized microsite

Personalized program
The goal of Fresh Rewards is to help Bagger Dave’s learn more about its customer base with new insights and data.

By incentivizing feedback and surveys, Bagger Dave’s is able to obtain information from consumers to help personalize the rewards program.

Fresh Rewards also provides Bagger Dave’s with customer surveys to help improve CRM. Bagger Dave’s plans on leveraging feedback from consumers to better tailor the program and optimize the experience.

Restaurant chain Earl of Sandwich also launched a mobile rewards program to engage consumers and personalize offers (see story).

“Bagger Dave’s has built its brand by providing diners with an authentic, comfortable experience,” Mr. Kates said. “The new mobile loyalty and rewards program was designed to be equally as personal, enabling patrons to completely customize their in-store and rewards experience, all via mobile.”

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York

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Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily and Mobile Marketer. Reach her at

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